Basic Business Online Banking

Depending on your needs, Cadence Bank offers two avenues for Online Banking and Bill Pay services: Fluent by Cadence or the Allegro! portal.

Basic Online Banking via Fluent By Cadence 

Fluent is a digital platform developed primarily for consumers. It provides Basic Online Banking and Bill Pay as well as TotalMoney personal financial manager. Fluent is often the best option for a small business owner who simply wants to view business accounts along with their personal accounts at Cadence so they can make an occasional transfer between their business and personal accounts. Cadence's Treasury Management services cannot be accessed via Fluent. Learn more about banking on the go with Fluent by Cadence.

Online Banking via Allegro! 

If your business needs to use any Treasury Management services, then Allegro! is the better option, providing a single portal to access Online Banking, Bill Pay and many Treasury Management services. Online Banking via Allegro! is a more robust service, suited for a business that plans to process payroll or pay vendors online. This service also provides multi-tiered authority levels, so that access levels can be given or restricted depending on the authority the busiiness owner chooses.Learn more about Allegro!.

It is important to note: If you anticipate that you will ever need the capabilities of Allegro! Online Banking, then you should choose Allegro! from the start, because we cannot transfer vendors, payees or bill payment schedules from Fluent to Allegro!.


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