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Small Business Loans
Cadence offers a variety of secured and unsecured lending options designed to meet specific borrowing needs.

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Small Business Insights

How to value your business when selling.
As we discussed in a recent article, the ultimate goal of many closely held business owners is to exit the company by selling to an acquirer at the highest possible price. Owners may then use the proceeds from the sale to fund their retirement or perhaps launch another business. Maximizing the sale price of your business requires years of planning and preparation. “Potential buyers will be looking for certain characteristics in your business that will increase their potential return on investment,” notes Cadence Bank Senior Vice President and Business Banker Andrew Smith. This post details these characteristics that are referred to in the M&A world as business value drivers.
Measuring a return on investment in social media marketing
Social media marketing is hot, with many businesses scrambling to incorporate social into their overall marketing mix. In the process, they are dealing with at least one big challenge: figuring out how to gauge a return on investment (ROI) for social media marketing initiatives. This posts details the steps you can take to gauge the ROI of your social media marketing campaign.
Phishing scams target employees to share sensitive corporate information.
If you receive email — and who doesn’t? — then you have most certainly been the target of a phishing scam. Phishing is the name that was given to email scams in which cyberthieves send out thousands of fraudulent emails supposedly from legitimate companies or financial institutions. Their goal is to trick recipients into clicking on links or opening attachments that take them to fake websites where they are encouraged to share sensitive personal information. This post discusses sophisticated phishing scams that target employees as well as the importance of training employees on how to spot phishing emails and what to do when they receive them.

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