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Small Business Loans

Small Business Loans
Cadence offers a variety of secured and unsecured lending options designed to meet specific borrowing needs.

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Small Business Lending
Banks sometimes get a bad rap when it comes to making business loans. But it’s important to remember that banks are in the business of lending money. Like any good business, your bank needs to take safeguards to reduce risk — specifically, the risk that the money is not repaid in a timely manner. This is why banks have a detailed loan application process in place that businesses must follow if they want to borrow money. While it might seem like “red tape,” this process is designed to protect the bank and make it easier for the bank to help your business.
Improve business processes
Every business follows certain processes and procedures as it goes about creating products and/or delivering services to its customers. These processes differ from one company to the next, even for businesses that are in the same industry producing and delivering the same products and services.
A charitable giving strategy can help your business.
For many businesses, charitable giving is an integral part of their culture and mission. Such businesses take corporate philanthropy very seriously, whether this takes the form of donating money or volunteering time and resources to support causes and charitable organizations they believe in. This post discusses the benefits of drafting a corporate philanthropy strategic plan, as well as a list of five tips to keep in mind when making business charitable contributions.


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Dec 22 2014

The Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Supply Show of the Southeast


Published on:
Dec 22 2014

By Gladys Edmunds


Dear Gladys,

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Dec 22 2014

By Aliza Sherman 

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Dec 22 2014

By Susan Solovic

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