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2.50% APY* 16-month Option CD

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If you think rates will continue to rise, you can take advantage of a higher 16-month rate now, but still have the flexibility to roll into a better rate later!

How does it work? Before the 16 months are up, you can reinvest the entire balance of the 16-month Option CD—one time, without penalty—into a different Cadence Bank CD. Together, the two CDs need to have a combined term of 16 months or longer.**

What’s in it for you? If we offer a better rate in less than 16 months, you can easily take advantage of it without penalty! Stop by your local Cadence Bank branch to learn more.



*APY is Annual Percentage Yield. APY is accurate as of 3/19/19 and is subject to change at any time without notice. The term of this CD is 16 months. CD interest is compounded every three months. Maximum combined balance in one or more 16-month Option CDs is not to exceed $10.0 million per household address in order to receive this APY. The minimum opening deposit and the minimum balance to earn interest is $500. Maximum balance to earn APY is $10.0 million. Substantial penalty for early withdrawal if the entire balance is not rolled over into a Cadence CD with a term that, together with the expired term of the 16-month Option CD, does not total at least 16 months. Fees may reduce earnings. Institutional and Public Funds are not eligible for this offer. Consumers and businesses eligible. Available as IRA.
**For example, if 6 months have passed in your 16-month Option CD, you can move the balance into another Cadence CD as long as the new term is 10 months (the remaining term of your original 16-month CD) or longer.

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