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View personal banking resources and calculators from Cadence Bank to help you streamline the way you manage your money and improve your financial health.

How do I get started with TotalMoney?



1. Set up your account. Log in to Online Banking and select the TotalMoney icon. Accounts from Cadence Bank will automatically begin syncing to TotalMoney. Follow the instructions in the setup wizard to add your accounts with other financial institutions. Enter your profile information to complete the setup.


2. When the initial setup is complete, open Accounts and verify that you have added all of your financial accounts. Add any missing accounts and manual accounts for property, such as homes or vehicles. You can also create manual accounts for accounts that are not supported or are broken. See below on How do I fix an account that is 'broken'?


3. After all of your accounts have been added, open Transactions and review your transactions for accuracy. Transactions are automatically categorized for you, but they are not always accurate and may need to be re-categorized. Your changes will be applied to future transactions. You may want to enter additional details about your transactions. See below on How do I manage my transactions?


4. With your transactions correctly categorized, you can easily create budgets based on your actual spending history. Open Budgets and follow the instructions to generate a budget automatically. You can also create a budget manually. See below on How do I create a budget? 

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