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How does this app better protect my debit card and my money?


Here are a few of the ways SecurLOCK™ Equip1 can help you:


1. You can turn off your card whenever you like, then turn it back on. If you should leave your debit card in a restaurant by mistake, you can turn it off to avoid any charges while you make sure you can get your card back.


2. You can receive an alert each time a purchase is charged to your card. If it's a fraudulent charge, you'll see it immediately so you can use the app to turn off your card. Then report the fraud to Cadence Bank right away.


3. You can also control where your card can be used. You can limit it to working only in a particular area, only where you are, or only at certain types of merchants that you select. You can even restrict it from use in other countries in case you're worried about fraud that originates from overseas.


4. You can even set your own transaction spending limits on the debit card. If you're trying to keep yourself from spending too much, or trying to limit the amount a fraudster might try to steal by making a fraudulent transaction on your card number, you can easily set a limit.





SecurLOCK is a registered trademark of FIS Global.

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