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How to Avoid Overdrafts

Keeping Track of Your Balances

The best way to avoid fees and ensure your bills get paid is by maintaining an accurate record of your account balance and transactions. Cadence Bank offers a variety of free and easily accessible tools to help you manage your account whether you are at home or on the go.

Here are 8 tips to help you monitor your account in order to avoid overdrafts:

Keep up with your transactions – Whether you are recording them in a check register or monitoring them electronically via online or mobile banking, keep up with every deposit and withdrawal. With so many ways that money can go in and out of your account – from checks to debit card transactions, mobile deposits and in-branch deposits, automated deposits and withdrawals, recurring payments, ATM withdrawals and more! – it's more important than ever for you to keep track of your transactions. Learn more about how Cadence Online and Mobile banking can help you monitor your transactions and balances.

Allow for transactions that have not yet been processed – For example, if you've set up a recurring monthly payment from your checking account, you need enough money in your account to make sure that will be covered. And you may have checks or other debits that have not yet been deducted from your account.

Check your balance often – With Cadence Mobile’s Text Banking service, you can check your balance in seconds from your mobile phone. If you want to see more details, you can use our online or mobile banking to check your balance and see your transactions.

Deposit checks on the go – Even if you're traveling, you can still deposit checks to maintain your balance. Our FlashDeposit service makes it easy to deposit a check via your mobile phone.

Transfer money online – If you need to increase your balance to cover upcoming transactions, you can transfer money between accounts and between banks using Cadence Online banking. Or visit a Cadence Branch.

Monitor your account for fraud – Reconcile your account each month via your bank statement (paper or electronic).

Monitor your account via email alerts – Use Cadence Online banking to notify you when certain types of transactions occur, or when your balance goes below a threshold that you determine.

Contact Cadence Bank immediately if you see any evidence of fraud on your account – Call 800-636-7622 or stop by your Cadence branch. 


There is no fee from Cadence Bank for Cadence Online, Mobile and Text Banking services. A fee from your mobile or Internet service provider may apply.


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