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Overdraft Solutions

Managing the difficult moments

Even with the many tools available to help you manage your account, sometimes the unexpected happens. At Cadence Bank, we help you manage those difficult moments by preparing for the unexpected in advance, through one of our Overdraft Payment and Protection Solutions:


Deposit Linked Overdraft Protection1

This option links your Cadence savings, money market, or secondary checking account to your primary checking account in order to cover overdrafts.  You will be charged a $10 fee for each $50 transfer.

Features & Benefits

Funds automatically transfer from a secondary account to primary account (up to the available balance in your secondary account) to cover an overdraft.

Program Fees

You will be charged a $10 ODP Transfer Fee for each transfer. The ODP Transfer Fee will be charged to your primary account.


Overdraft Protection Line of Credit2

With a Cadence Bank Overdraft Protection Line of Credit, you can link an existing checking account to a line of credit to cover overdrafts and help protect against returned checks and unnecessary fees.

Features & Benefits

In general, this option has lower fees than our standard overdraft and NSF fees. It provides coverage for overdrafts up to your credit limit, and offers the ability for you to pay back over time. 

Program Fees

Your checking account will be charged a $5 Advance Fee for each $100 transfer the bank makes from your regular ODP Line of Credit to cover an overdraft.  Your ODP Line of Credit is subject to a $20 annual fee and an APR of up to 17.99%, which applies to all advances made under the Overdraft Protection Line of Credit.

Your total overdraft coverage is determined by your approved credit limit for the Overdraft Protection Line of Credit.


Courtesy Overdraft Consent3

This option allows you to "opt-in," which means you want us to authorize and pay ATM and one-time debit card transactions into overdraft. Opting in does not guarantee your overdrafts will be paid. The Courtesy Overdraft Option is available only for certain consumer checking accounts. 

Features & Benefits

This option may help you avoid debit card declines if you inadvertently overdraw your account. By default, the Courtesy Overdraft Option is applied to checks, preauthorized transfers and other checking account transactions, but you may opt out after you open your account. 

Program Fees

You will be charged a NSF/OD Fee of $36 for each item that is paid into overdraft, up to a maximum of four(4) NSF fees (for paid and/or returned items, combined) per day on consumer accounts.4 



1 Transfers from another deposit account may be subject to transaction limits and excessive withdrawal fees.

2 Subject to credit approval.

3 We pay overdrafts at our discretion, which means we do not guarantee that we will always authorize and pay any type of transaction. The total negative balance, including all related fees and charges, is due and payable immediately without demand.

4 Overdraft balances and fees not repaid within 60 days will be subject to charge-off.


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