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Your Bottom Line Will Thank You.

At Cadence Bank we are driven to find smarter solutions that benefit you and your business. In that spirit we are excited to introduce you to a suite of benefits you are sure to enjoy with your Cadence Bank Business Debit Card.

Cadence Business Debit Card

The Benefits of Your New Business Debit Card:

Attorney On Call provides you with unlimited access to licensed attorneys for legal counsel to protect you and your business.

HR Consultant Service provides you with professional guidance through every facet of human resources.

Lowest Purchase Price Guarantee reimburses you up to $250 if you find the identical item for less within 60 days.

Identity Theft Defense in case you’re a victim of identity theft, you have access to specialists and services.

Zero-Liability Protection guards you against unauthorized use of your Cadence Bank Debit Card.

Card and Document Registration Services to protect your debit information, along with other important documents, in the event they are lost or stolen.

Important Notices For Cardholders:

  1. Your new Cadence Bank Debit Card will have a new card number and expiration date. Please contact any businesses that automatically deduct payments electronically from your debit account to alert them of your new debit card number.
  2. We recommend you activate your new card and begin using it immediately as your State Bank Debit Card is about to expire. When you activate your new Cadence Bank Debit Card, your old card will be deactivated.

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