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Start Saving in 3 Easy Steps with a Propel Savings Account

A Propel Savings Account from Cadence Bank can help you build a lifelong habit of saving.

Propel Savings Account

Sit back and watch your savings grow

With a savings rate of 0.05% APY*, Propel Savings may encourage you to build a lifelong habit of saving.


Simply pay yourself first with an automated monthly transfer of $25 or more from your Cadence checking to a Propel Savings account.** Setting up an automatic transfer gives you the ease of saving without having to think about it.


Life can come at you fast. By having money saved away, you can better prepare for emergencies, unexpected expenses or big-ticket items. Funds in your savings account are readily accessible so if something does come up, you can make withdrawals from your savings account via in-branch transfers, online banking, ATMs or our toll-free telephone banking.


Just follow these two or three easy steps to start saving:

  • Enroll in Cadence Online and Mobile banking. (If you are already enrolled, you can skip this step.)
  • Set up a recurring transfer from your checking to savings - call 800-636-7622 or stop by a local branch to set it up.


The more you can afford to save each month, the faster your savings balance will grow. Set a target for yourself and take advantage of this offer on the first $25,000 you save.









* APY is annual percentage yield. APY is accurate as of 6/29/2021 and is subject to change. Minimum opening deposit is $25. Maximum balance to receive 0.05% APY is $25,000. If balance exceeds $25,000, the interest rate for the entire account balance will be 0.03% APY. Fees may reduce earnings.

** Requires recurring auto-deposit from Cadence checking of at least $25 in aggregate monthly. Account converts to a Personal Savings account if auto-transfer of at last $25 in aggregate does not occur in month prior.

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