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Debit Card Protection Services

Debit Card Protection is critical to protecting your financial accounts.

Debit Card Protection Services

The Security Of A Debit Chip Card

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Your Cadence Debit Chip Card is even more secure.

Carry your chip card with confidence

A debit chip card uses an embedded microchip rather than a magnetic stripe to provide added security for you at chip-enabled store terminals and ATMs. When chip cards were introduced in the U.K., fraud from lost and stolen cards was cut in half.

When you make a purchase using your debit chip card in a chip reader, the microchip will validate your card by creating unique transaction data each and every time you use it. That's how it provides added protection from counterfeiters.

And it's convenient when you travel, too, because many other countries have already adopted the chip card standard, so it works seamlessly with the global payments infrastructure.

Here's How To Use The Debit Chip Card

Step 1 insert chip card Step 2 leave card in slot Step 3 sign or enter PIN when prompted Step 4 remove your card when prompted
If the store's card reader is enabled, you must follow the steps shown above to use your chip card. If there is no card reader or the card reader is not enabled, then you can swipe the magnetic stripe on the back of your card to make your purchase.

How To Activate A New Debit Chip Card

If you just received a new debit chip card, activate it by calling the number shown on the sticker on the card: 866-633-5293. You must call from a phone number that is on your Cadence account record. Most often that is your home phone, but it may also be your cell phone if you provided that at account opening or when updating your records. If the phone number on your account record is no longer valid, contact Cadence Bank at 800-636-7622 to update your phone number before you can activate your new card.

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