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Checking Account Saver Stories

Save more with everyday discounts!

A Cadence Bank checking account includes benefits that will save you money and avoid inconvenience, delivering everyday value on services such as roadside assistance, cell phone protection and more. You’ll also find discounts on dining, travel and entertainment. All of these discounts are accessible through an app on your cell phone when you are in the vicinity of a participating merchant.


Read how Cadence customers are saving money every day by utilizing the Cadence More app:



My daughter locked her keys in her car at her new job. A recent college graduate, she didn’t have $75 for a locksmith. Roadside Assistance from Cadence More responded within 30 minutes. My daughter didn’t have to pay anything!

I buy all my purses at Clothes Mentor, and my Cadence More app has a 50% off coupon there. On my lunch hour I purchased a $100 purse for $50!

I like to start my day off with a smoothie for breakfast, but $7 a day can add up. With my new Cadence More app, I can get my smoothie for $2.17. That’s $42 in savings since I started using the app! It’s YUMMY saving MONEY!

Cadence Bank checking account roadside assistanceI needed a quick oil change before a trip... I saved $5 on an expense I would have had to pay anyway!

My husband needed a prescription that was available only a few places locally. With my insurance, the cost would have been $67. I remembered Cadence’s BaZing Health Savings Card and gave that to the pharmacist. With the card, the prescription was only $11. I saved $56!

I went to Express looking for a top and went straight to the 40% off clearance rack. I presented my Cadence More app and got an additional savings of 15%!

I went to the BaZing website and found a fantastic deal for $26 for two movie tickets and a $25 gift certificate to

I signed up for Shipt grocery shopping service and saved $49 with my Cadence More app! Woo hoo! Pays to be lazy!

We planned our family trip to Disney over a year ago. Closer to the time of our trip, we decided to add SeaWorld. We looked at tickets online for any discounts. The cheapest ticket we found was $115 for regular admission. When I checked on the Cadence More app, the tickets were $79.99 WITH the meal plan. AWESOME. For my whole family that saved $350.00. WOW!

On Friday my wife’s car would not start because of a dead battery. I remembered that roadside assistance was part of the Cadence More app so I gave them a call to see if we could get someone to come out and give her battery a jump. A quick phone call later, we had a local garage dispatched to the house to jump the car so she could go get a new battery. Best of all, the entire service call of $75 was fully covered. We love the Cadence More app!

I left my lights and hazard lights on, so when I got back to the van the battery was dead. I picked up the phone to call the insurance company to send out a tow truck for a jump, but I saw my Cadence More app. I hit the link for 24-hour roadside assistance and someone came on the line immediately. I was trying to find a code or a number to give him, but he said he didn't need one. The only thing he needed to know besides location, name and number was who I banked with. I proudly said Cadence. Next thing you know I had a text from the tow company that they were on the way. Less than two minutes is all it took and I didn’t have to look for a policy, phone number or card. Just my app. I didn’t pay one penny, and the tow company said, "you are covered." The normal price would have been $75. Canceling roadside on my cars for the year saves an additional $100. Total savings $175!

My fiancé and I were shopping for a car and the Cadence More app had a local deal for an AutoNation dealership here. It offered a $200 Amazon gift card, $200 gas card and an average of $3,200 off the MSRP. We chose our car and presented the deal to the dealership and they said it had expired in 2018. So I immediately called the BaZing customer service who said 2018 was a typo in the app. He said the deal was still active and he would try to make it right. We had to close on the car that day so we could get the dealership’s offer, so we closed without the BaZing deal. A few days later I received a call from an AutoNation representative saying they received my service ticket from BaZing and they will be sending us the $200 Amazon gift card, $200 gas gift card and ALSO including a 15% off accessories coupon to use at the dealership. Over $400 in gift cards! Thanks, Cadence More!

I just opened an account recently. A few days later, I locked my keys in the car when I arrived at work. My husband couldn’t come 30 miles to help, so I used Cadence More to call Roadside Assistance. A very nice customer service rep first asked if I was safe or if I had kids or pets in the vehicle. She asked where the keys were in the car (they were partially in the ignition). She found the nearest service to help unlock my vehicle and said she’d let me know if the fees would be greater than the $80 coverage allowance. In less than an hour, my vehicle was unlocked and I could retrieve my keys. The cost was $60 and all covered under the Roadside Assistance plan! You never know when something unexpected may happen. I was glad I had opened my account — the Roadside Assistance came in handy less than a week after opening my account!

Cadence Bank discounts on shoppingWhile exploring the grocery option on the BaZing website, I found the digital coupon option where there are numerous stores. The one that caught my interest was Walgreens, where I am a frequent shopper and have a rewards account. I was able to download digital coupons directly to my Walgreens rewards account so I didn’t have to remember to bring paper coupons with me or try to pull them up on my phone with a line of impatient people behind me. They have a ton of coupons and they stay good for a long time. At the register when I enter my rewards number, the system does the rest. Besides the convenience, I saved $8 on my first purchase — $8 on items I was going to buy anyway!

I got in my car, turned the key and click click click…my car wouldn't start. I was mad as heck - what am I going to do? I called my car’s roadside assistance and gave them my information so they could jump start my car…. well not so much.“Your roadside service is out of warranty. We can come but it will cost you $89 and you have to pay before we come so I’ll need your credit card number.” Aw no, I’m not comfortable with that. I’m not giving a random stranger my card number over the phone. I also have roadside assistance with my auto insurance, but I remembered that BaZing has roadside so I decided to try it and OMG IT WAS GREAT. First thing he asked was are you safe and in a safe location. Yes. “How can I help you?” I told him I had a dead battery and needed a jump start. He asked for my name, address and phone # in case we got disconnected and what company I was with. I hung up and five minutes later I received a text saying I could expect service in 45 minutes. Well it only took about 30 minutes. The guy was friendly and very polite. He popped the hood and it was a done deal! It took longer to sign acknowledging service had been completed than it took him to start my car. About 30 minutes later I received another text asking if the service provider had arrived and thanked me for using the service!

While in Savannah, my fiancé and I had dinner at Bonefish Grill. By using the Cadence More app, we ended up getting the Boom Boom Shrimp, that are usually $10.98, for free. The waitress was already familiar with the app and quickly added in the discount. The other day I was shopping for jewelry at Claire’s in Savannah. On top of their sales and clearance deals, I saved an extra $22.78 with my Cadence More app!

I was traveling up north for a wedding and to visit family and friends. We needed a rental car. I went to my Cadence More app and rented a car with Avis. Not only did it save me $75 but I received a free upgrade as well. I love saving money!




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