Travel Tips for Debit Card Users

Debit card fraud is on the rise across the country. These charges create serious concern for customers about the security of their accounts, even though customers may not be responsible for fraudulent charges when the bank is alerted promptly.

To minimize the risk of fraud, Cadence blocks the use of your debit card in some countries. If you plan to travel outside the U.S.*, please call Cadence Customer Service. We will check your destination against our blocked countries list and temporarily unlock your card for that destination, if necessary. Also, call Cadence Customer Service if you have an issue with your debit card while traveling.

Representatives from our fraud detection service may call you during your trip if they spot any suspicious activity on your account. That is why it is important that we have a phone number on file to reach you. In most cases this will be your mobile phone number. Call Cadence Customer Service to check or update your contact information.

We also recommend that you carry an additional form of payment such as a credit card when you travel.

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*Exchange fees may apply.

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