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Report Phishing

If you encounter a suspicious email, phone call or website that claims to be from Cadence Bank, do not respond, click any links or open any attachments.

Report Phishing

What to do?

Never click on links, open attachments or respond to an email or text message when you do not know the sender. Do not give out personal or financial information via e-mail, text or phone  unless you have initiated the contact. Cadence Bank will never request this information by email, text, phone or fax.

If you receive a suspicious email, text or call that appears to be from Cadence Bank, report it immediately to:

[email protected]

Then delete the email or text. In an effort to help protect our clients, Cadence Bank has contracted with Phish Labs to monitor and respond to phishing attacks. Please provide as much detail as possible, including the original email or text message, or the suspicious phone number from the call you received. You may not receive a reply when reporting suspicious messages, but each item will be reviewed and investigated as needed by Phish Labs. Thank you for taking the steps to protect your personal and financial information.

What is phishing?

Phishing scams are suspicious emails designed to cleverly trick you into sharing personal or financial information. Criminals are seeking account numbers, passwords, social security numbers and other confidential information they can use to empty bank accounts and deplete credit card limits. These emails may contain links to fraudulent websites, and may also convey an urgent need to update your account information or to communicate with you about your account’s security.

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To ensure your safety, please do not include sensitive information in your submission.