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How Cadence Bank Protects You

At Cadence Bank, we take the job of protecting our customers’ information very seriously.

How Cadence Bank Protects You

We have instituted an in-depth, mature information security process that employs four pillars: governance and control, application security, infrastructure security, and cybersecurity.  This includes our use of advanced proprietary technology to help protect your assets and private information.


Individualized username and password

When you enroll in Cadence Online Banking, we ask you to create your own username and password to access your accounts, which are encrypted during transmission. We strongly recommend that you do not use your Social Security number, or other personally identifiable number such as date of birth, as a username or password.

Timed log-off

Cadence Bank’s systems will automatically log you out of Cadence Online Banking after 10-15 minutes of inactivity. This timed log off reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your account from an unattended computer.


Cadence Bank’s mobile applications (for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Touch®) will automatically log you out after 10-15 minutes of inactivity. This timed log-off period helps reduce risk from unauthorized access to your account if your mobile device is lost or stolen.



Cadence Bank employs some of the strongest encryption software available for commercial use on the web today.


All Cadence Online Banking and Bill Pay sessions are encrypted. In fact, from the second a transaction leaves your computer to the moment it enters our systems, it is encrypted. Our encryption software turns your information into a coded sequence that is virtually undecipherable by fraudsters.


Always look for the “closed lock” icon to ensure encryption is being used on the webpage you are viewing. Also when conducting business online, make sure the web address begins with https://... which indicates encryption is being used on the webpage. The “s” means secure.

Mobile banking security

We employ every available safeguard to ensure the security of your Mobile Banking sessions: encryption of all data, required PIN login, servers certified by a “Certificate Authority” and enrollment only available to Cadence Online Banking customers.

Continuous surveillance

Cadence Bank’s security team monitors payment channels for suspicious transactions to detect fraud and keep your accounts secure.


If we find suspicious activity on one of your registered debit or credit cards, we alert you quickly so you can take action.


Our Card Patrol℠ service is available at no additional charge with any Cadence Personal Checking Account and provides real-time online monitoring of your credit or debit cards with an early warning system.

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