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Fraud Prevention Tips

It’s more important than ever to protect yourself from online fraud. And if you ever make online purchases, your risk of being a target is even higher.

Fraud Prevention Tips

 Here are a few tips to make it easier for you to be protective of your bank accounts and credit card accounts....


  • Monitor your bank accounts closely by regularly viewing your accounts online. With Fluent by Cadence online banking, you can do that from your mobile phone, tablet or computer – whichever is more convenient. And there’s no additional cost for Fluent by Cadence.*

  • Set up email alerts in Fluent desktop to notify you when certain types of transactions, such as withdrawals higher than a set dollar amount, take place. Then contact Cadence Bank immediately if you see any suspicious activity on your account.

  • Monitor the purchases charged to your Cadence Bank Debit Card. You can download the app called SecurLOCK™ Equip, which allows you to receive an alert each time any charge is made to your card, even online charges. You’ll know within seconds if a fraudster is charging something to your debit card, and you can use the app to turn off your debit card while you report the fraud to the bank and get a new card. There’s no additional charge for this app.*

  • Enroll in eStatements to reduce the likelihood of paper statements being stolen. eStatements are available in Fluent, making them easy to access and to reference.

  • Replace paper invoices with electronic bills whenever possible. This service is available in Fluent’s Online Bill Pay. When you set up a payee, or when you pay bills online, you’ll see an indicator to let you know if that payee makes an electronic bill available to replace the paper invoice.

  • Create unique, strong passwords for your Fluent online banking account, your computer and mobile device, and your other online accounts. Don’t include personal information, such as your age or birthdate, in your usernames or passwords. Avoid easy to guess phrases, too. And be sure to change your passwords regularly. That’s why Fluent will prompt you to change your password regularly.

  • Protect your computer and your mobile device. Make sure your virus protection software on your computer is up to date, and use the passcode lock on your mobile device.

  • Replace lost or stolen cards or checks immediately. Call 800-636-7622 to report a lost or stolen Cadence Debit Card. You can call the same number to report lost or stolen checks, and if you’re a Fluent user, you can order new checks conveniently from your computer when you’re logged into Fluent.

  • Do not divulge personal financial details, such as your account number, in unsolicited phone calls, emails or text messages, even if they seem official. Cadence Bank does not ask for private financial information by phone, email or text message. If the contact appears to be from Cadence Bank, verify it by calling us at 800-636-7622.

*There is no fee for Fluent by Cadence, or for the SecurLOCK Equip app, but fees may apply from your internet or mobile service provider.





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