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Consumer Fraud Center

Take Action: Protect Yourself from Fraud and Identity Theft

Fraud Overview


Protect Yourself Against Potential Fraudulent Activities

During integration, you will receive a number of customer communications to keep you informed of changes that may impact you. Unfortunately, cybercriminals could try to seize this opportunity for fraudulent attempts to gain access to your information. Even the most diligent consumers can become victims of fraud by clicking on an email link or opening an attachment that appears to be from Cadence. In addition, cybercriminals may target customers with phone calls, presenting themselves as a Cadence employee asking for personal information.  To protect yourself against potential fraudulent activities, please be aware of the following:


Cadence will never contact you by mail, phone, text or email requesting or asking you to verify your account numbers, online banking password, Social Security Number or debit card PIN. If you’re unsure of an email, text or call received, do not respond and immediately contact Customer Service.


Be suspicious of any written or verbal communication asking for account or personal information to be provided immediately. Scammers frequently use this sense of urgency to trick unknowing customers.


Use caution before opening links that may lead to a fake webpage asking you to enter your banking information. Often the fake webpages look similar to the Bank’s website but may contain typos or other obvious mistakes.


Don’t allow anyone to use your account for financial transfers. Fraudsters know how to use wire transfers, Zelle® and third party peer-to-peer apps for fraudulent activities. Only pay those you know and trust through Zelle® and other peer-to-peer payment apps.

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