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You’re getting MARRIED and your MONEY is too! As you start your next life chapter, managing your money together can sometimes be a challenge… but with Cadence Bank TotalMoney, it doesn’t have to be.

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Create strong passwords without having to remember them all

A password like watermelon is easy to remember, but it’s also easy to hack.

Fluent By Cadence Banking on the Go
You have an active life and an active career. Make your banking fit your lifestyle so your money can keep pace with your life.
wedding cake
When you get married, it’s with hope and promise for a lifetime of happiness. So how do you prepare yourselves to avoid potential pitfalls? Many couples participate in pre-marital counseling to get ready for the joining of their lives, but what about preparing for the commingling of their finances? After all, one of the most common causes of strife in marriage is money.

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