Online Banking Frequently Asked Questions

Many people have questions when they first begin banking online. If you don’t see your question here, call Cadence Customer Service, and we will be happy to help you.

Q1: Why use Online Banking?

Millions of people worldwide are choosing the convenience, freedom and control of Online Banking. One of the greatest benefits is having access to your money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can bank from anywhere in the world where you have Internet access. Finally, you can transfer funds, pay bills and reconcile accounts with the click of a mouse. It is a better, smarter, faster way to manage your money and your time.

Q2: Is banking online safe?

Yes. The Cadence Online Banking system brings together industry-approved security technology to protect data for the bank and for you. It features a password-controlled system entry with a “three strikes you’re out” lock-out mechanism, data encryption and router firewalls. When sensitive data is being transferred, a closed lock icon will always appear at the bottom of your screen.

Q3: How much does Online Banking cost?

Cadence Online Banking is available to any Cadence customer at no additional cost.

Q4: What do I need to get started?

All you need is a Cadence checking or savings account. You also will need access to a computer, which runs on a Windows® operating system (such as Windows 7) or a Macintosh® operating system (Mac OS-X Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard). To view Cadence Online Banking, you’ll need Internet access, a modem (56 kbps or higher recommended) and a browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or newer, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or newer, Google Chrome 12 or newer, or Safari 4.0 or newer.

Q5: How do I enroll?

Visit our Fluent Enrollment page. Online Banking and Bill Pay are services of Fluent by Cadence mobile and online banking. Be sure to read the disclosure and complete the required information as you enroll. You will be asked to select a Login ID. To add Bill Pay after you have enrolled in Fluent, select Move Money, then select Pay A Bill from the drop down menu.

Q6: What accounts will be accessible through Online Banking?

You may access all of your Cadence deposit and loan accounts. Any account that is tied to your social security number may be viewed. The first time you log into Online Banking you should verify that all appropriate accounts are viewable and review your account set-up periodically after that.

Q7: How frequently is account information updated?

Account balances are real-time, so your information is up-to-the-minute.

Q8: Can I transfer money to pay on a Cadence loan?

Certainly. You also can transfer money to and from your checking and savings accounts and your home equity line of credit.

Q9: When will my transfer post to the receiving account?

Transfers initiated through the Cadence Bank Online Banking system before 7:30 p.m. CST on a business day are posted to the account the same day. Transfers completed after 7:30 p.m. CST on a business day, Saturday, Sunday or banking holiday will be posted on the next business day.

Q10: How do I cancel a transfer?

Because transfers are real-time and post within minutes of being initiated, there is no way to cancel a transfer. However, you can simply transfer the money back to its original account, if the funds are still available.

Q11: How do I use Quicken® and Microsoft Money® with Online Banking?

If you have either of these programs loaded on your personal computer, you can download transaction histories from the Cadence Online Banking system. This information can help you create a budget, reconcile your financial records, categorize and organize expenses for tax purposes, analyze spending trends, and more.

Q12: Why do I get a message saying “Your log in time has expired”?

After one hour, your banking session will automatically time out. This protects you if you are called away from your computer for an extended period of time and forget to log out. Automatic time outs help prevent someone from making unauthorized transactions while you are away.

Q13: Who do I call if I forget my password and/or login ID?

Contact Cadence Customer Service, and our staff will be happy to reset your password.

Q14: Why do I get a message saying, “Your password has expired.”

For additional security, if you do not access your account for more than 60 days, the system will automatically lock you out. If you get locked out, simply call Cadence Customer Service, and an associate will be happy to reset your password.

Q15: How does Online Bill Pay work?

Bill Pay allows you to submit bill payments online. No more writing checks or buying stamps! You can set up your own list of payees and enter the amounts to pay each month. You also can set up recurring payments. Payments are made both electronically and by paper drafts. Arrival times vary depending on the location of the payee. Estimated arrival times are shown for each payee when you initiate a bill.

Q16: Who can I pay using Cadence Online Bill Pay?

You can pay virtually anyone, anytime, anywhere within the U.S. Sending a payment with Cadence’s Bill Pay is no different than writing a check from your checkbook.

Q17: How much does Online Bill Pay cost?

Cadence Bill Pay is available to any Cadence customer at no additional cost.

Q18: After I pay a bill, how long does it take the money to be debited from my account?

The money is taken from your account the day you schedule the payment to be sent.

Q19: How long does it typically take for the payee to receive a payment?

If the payee is on your list of electronic payment recipients, then it typically will take two to three business days to process your payment. Other payments depend on the location of the payee. It typically ranges from two to five business days.

Q20: Can I set up Online Bill Pay for recurring bills?

Yes. This is a great feature of Bill Pay that really helps you save time and ensures your bills are paid on time. You can create and send a payment to a payee at the frequency you specify without any additional input. Simply enter the payee name, payment amount, frequency of payment, the start date and end date. We automatically will send the payments you have specified according to your instructions unless you stop the payment.

Q21: What should I do if a payee has not posted my payment?

You should allow at least five business days for a payee to receive your payment. If a payee does not post your payment after five business days from your scheduled payment date, you should first verify that you have given us the most current account number and address. If the account information is correct, you should call the payee directly to inquire about your payment. If you do so, please be sure to get a contact name and number for us so that we can follow up on the payment for you if needed.

You also can call Cadence Customer Service to speak with a representative. Please be prepared to provide the payee’s name, verified account number, payment date and amount as well as any telephone number or contact name you have.

Q22: How long is a stop payment binding after being submitted online?

Stop payments submitted online are binding for only 14 days unless confirmed in writing within that period. Written stop payments become ineffective six months from date accepted. To submit a written stop payment request, print out and complete the form provided on the stop payment page and mail it to the address at the bottom. There is a fee for stop payment requests.

Q23: How long does it take to receive checks after I have ordered them online?

Usually, your checks will arrive seven to 10 business days after you place the order. Faster shipping methods can be arranged for an additional fee. Note: Re-ordered checks will be the same style as your previous order. For first time orders or different style selections, please contact the branch nearest you. You can verify the status of your check orders 24 hours a day at Deluxe Check Order or by calling 877-838-5287.

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