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Protect Yourself from Card Skimmers

A skimmer, a device that can collect card data, can be placed on top of the card reader at a gasoline pump, an ATM, a convenience store, or almost anywhere that a card can be swiped or inserted. It’s hard to recognize, because it looks just like the card reader that it is attached to. And it only takes the thief seconds to install it!


And with technology advances, skimmer technology has advanced, too. Originally, the fraudster who attached a skimmer had to go back to remove it in order to steal the card data it had collected. Now fraudsters have learned how to use Bluetooth technology to transmit the stolen information to themselves, without having to go collect the device, reducing their own risk of discovery.


If they’re so easy to install and difficult to detect visually, how can you protect yourself from fraud?


Cadence Bank ATMs Are Checked Regularly

Rest assured, Cadence Bank’s ATMs are checked every day the branch is open to make sure no skimmer has been attached.


We Recommend that You Monitor your Account for Discrepancies.

With Text Banking, it’s easy to check your account’s balance in seconds right on your mobile phone’s display. Text Banking also lets you see your most recent transactions.


There’s no added charge from Cadence for Text Banking, a feature of Cadence Mobile banking.* If you’re not already enrolled in Cadence Mobile, learn more or enroll now.


May we suggest -- If you suspect that a skimmer has been installed on a card reader somewhere, be sure to tell the proprietor of that business.




* Fees may apply from your mobile service provider.


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