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How Your Daily Limit Protects You

A customer traveled to a major theme park with her family over a 3-day holiday weekend, planning to buy their family’s tickets with her debit card, which amounted to quite an expense. But she couldn’t make the purchase because it was over her daily limit!


Why do you have a daily limit? It’s there for your protection. If there were no limit, a thief who stole your debit card could potentially empty your account!


If you know in advance that you’re planning a major purchase using your debit card, call Cadence Customer Service at 800-636-7622. That’s how we helped the customer who was on the theme park vacation. Our Cadence Customer Service representative temporarily increased the customer’s daily limit so she could make her important vacation purchase.


Anytime you run into a debit card issue, call Cadence Customer Service. Keep our number in your wallet: 800-636-7622.


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