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2 Ways to Get your Debit Card Ready for Vacation Expenses

When you plan to take a vacation trip, whether it’s for a long weekend or a whole week, let us know.  We can help you get your debit card ready for the trip.

Nothing can ruin a trip faster than finding out you can’t get to your own money. These are some important things to know before you travel!


Let Us Know When You’ll Be Traveling

If you let us know when you’ll be traveling, our fraud alert system is less likely to think that your unusual out-of-town spending might be fraud. Before you leave, call Cadence Customer Service at 800-636-7622, so the representative there can notate your travel dates in the system.


What Contact Number Is On Your Checking Account?

If the only contact number that Cadence Bank has on your checking account is your home phone number, then our automated fraud prevention service can’t reach you if an issue arises while you’re away. After all, when you’re traveling, the suspected fraud may be your own legitimate purchases outside of your usual travel patterns.

In that case, you want to be able to confirm that the transaction was valid. Otherwise, suspected fraud may cause your card to be turned off to protect you.

It’s easy to make this fraud protection work for you, not against you, by including your cell phone number for calls and texts, and your email address for email notifications. Then our automated fraud prevention system can attempt to reach you by text, phone, or email even when you’re away.


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