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Be Careful of Malicious Malware

that Invades Mobile Devices to Steal your Banking Information

There are several strains of malware that invade mobile devices, specifically Android devices, and use devious tricks to steal users’ online banking information.


How they work

These forms of malware are sneaky. You can unknowingly install them on your device through fake apps from third-party app stores, malicious adware or phishing sites.


Once you download the malicious program onto your device, it oftentimes looks and acts like a familiar, trusted app icon. However, if you try to open the icon, you will get a fake overlay asking you to enter sensitive information, such as your credit card. Cybercriminals are hoping you’ll fall for their trickery since you’re accustomed to providing this type of information on these apps. Don’t let them fool you.


Your banking details may be at risk

Once you open your banking app, the malware activates and puts a fake overlay on your actual banking app’s screen, deceiving you into entering your bank login details and credit card information. Even more concerning, this malware can pose as more than thousands of banks and financial institutions. Once you provide your login and credit card info, the hackers have access to your account and credit card.


How to protect yourself

To protect yourself, only download apps from the Apple® App Store or Google Marketplace for Android. Avoid any third-party app stores, no matter how legitimate or reputable they may seem.


If you suspect you have downloaded this malicious program and your banking login details are at risk, contact Cadence Customer Service as soon as possible by calling 1-800-636-7622 so that we may assist you.


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