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Send Money via Email or Text Message Securely with Cadence Bank Mobile

Sometimes you need to reimburse someone. Let's say you're planning a family vacation and your sister put down the deposit. Maybe a friend picked up the check at lunch because you weren't carrying any cash. Or someone bought a ticket to a big game for you because they knew you were eager to go.


If you have a son or daughter in college, you may need to send money for the unexpected. And you may need to get the money there quickly - in less time than the mail would take.


The simple solution? Send money securely via an email or text message from your mobile phone with the Cadence Bank Mobile app!


If you already have the Cadence Bank Mobile app, you can send money now!


Log into the mobile app and select Pay a Person.

  • It’s a secure, password-protected service that makes it easy for you to get money to someone without the hassle of mailing a check.
  • And for the recipient, they avoid the delay of waiting for the check to arrive by mail. It's that quick.

If you don't have your mobile phone set for automatic app updates, you may need to update your app to see Pay a Person.


If you haven’t enrolled in Fluent yet, download the Cadence Bank Mobile app and enroll today, so you’ll be ready to send money whenever you may need to.


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