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Banking on Value

Banking on Value is an eNewsletter to inform and engage Cadence Bank's consumer customers.


August 2018 Banking on Value newsletter articles:


Is That Really You Changing Your Password?


If you use Cadence Bank's online and mobile banking services, you may be asked to verify your identity with a one-time use code. This new security feature, for your protection, applies only in some specific circumstances:


  • If you try to change your password, or
  • If you change one of your secret challenge questions, or
  • If you change your contact information.

In those situations, it's important to Cadence Bank, and important to YOU, that we are sure the person making the changes is really you!


You'll be asked to receive either a text message or an email with a one-time use code. We will send it to the email address or mobile phone number that we have on file for you. When you receive that code, enter it into the screen where you're making your change, so we can confirm your identity. It's that easy.


If you have any questions, please stop by your favorite Cadence Bank location or call us at 800-636-7622. To learn more, check out other ways we protect you.



Enroll in Mobile Banking from your Cell Phone


Too busy to run to the bank? Then you need mobile banking.


Too busy to run to the bank to get enrolled? Do it from your mobile phone!


With the Cadence Mobile app, you can check your balance or make a deposit, even if you’re traveling. Use Cadence Online, Mobile and Text Banking services from your mobile phone or your computer – wherever it’s convenient at the time.


Get started by downloading the Cadence Bank Mobile app...



Creative Ways to Afford the House of Your Dreams


View the article here.

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