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4 Tips for Easier Tax Prep

Keeping good financial records is the key to easy tax preparation, but it can eat up your time. Here are a few tips to help you find what you need more quickly via Cadence Online and Mobile banking.


  1. Start Now. If you are already a user of online banking at Cadence, you have a head start. If not, enroll in Cadence Online and Mobile banking now so you can easily access information that you and your tax preparer may need.
  2. See All Your Spending in One Place. With TotalMoney virtual wallet, a feature of Cadence Online and Mobile, you can see how much you spend on your home, your charitable contributions, your food, your gas, your bills and utilities – all your spending across all your accounts, not just the ones at Cadence Bank. TotalMoney aggregates your spending so you can see it in one place, even from your mobile phone. That big picture view is important when you’re considering your tax preparation.
  3. Flag Important Transactions. TotalMoney also allows you to “tag” transactions throughout the year so you can identify them as donations, property taxes, tag fees – whatever you want to sort when you or your CPA start preparing your tax reporting. You can also flag an expense as personal or business-related, which can be important to know for tax purposes. If you didn’t do that in 2019, then start now so you’ll have your important transactions tagged for the next tax season.
  4. Print Statements For Your Tax Preparer. With Cadence Online banking you can also see your eStatement so you can print any of your bank statements that you may want to take along to your tax preparer or have handy for yourself when you prepare your own taxes. You can also see and print your check images, if you need them.


Login or enroll in Cadence Online and Mobile banking to check out what information will help you prepare your taxes.


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