Get Ready For Rising Rates With The UP CD

With the 17-month UP CD, your rate will rise if market rates rise.UP CD

Enjoy the better rate of a 17-month term and the security of a CD, while you avoid the risk of being locked into a fixed rate if market rates continue to rise. The UP CD is tied to a widely used U.S. market rate called the Fed Funds Effective rate.* If that rate goes up, so does your UP CD rate!


A Rising Rate and a Safety Net, Too

UP CD RateAn UP CD offers a double benefit. Your rate will float up with the market rates so you won't miss out when rates rise. And your APY will never go lower than your opening APY, currently 1.42% APY** -- that's a guarantee.

Open an UP CD to lock in financial peace of mind. Stop by a Cadence branch today.


*The interest rate on your account is based on the Fed Funds Effective rate which is the interest rate at which banks trade balances held at the Federal Reserve. It is generally only applicable to the most creditworthy financial institutions. We determine the rate on your account by adding 0.50% to the Fed Funds Effective rate (per New York Fed as of the second Tuesday of each April and October, then rounding the total to the nearest hundredth. The new rate, when applicable, will take effect on Friday of that week. The interest rate on your account will never be less than 1.42% APY, the rate paid at the time of account opening; this applies to your initial term only.

**APY is Annual Percentage Yield. APY is accurate as of 3/20/17 and is subject to change. The term of this CD is 17 months. Maximum combined balance in one or more UP CDs is not to exceed $2.5 million per household in order to receive this interest rate. There are no maximum interest rate limits for this account. CD interest is compounded every three months. The minimum opening deposit is $500. Maximum balance to receive this interest rate is $2,500,000. Substantial penalty for early withdrawal. Fees may reduce earnings. Limited time offer. Consumers and businesses eligible. Also available as IRA. 


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