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Top Three Business Articles of 2016

Review the top three business articles of 2016. Learn what other business owners are reading and use the Fresh Insights articles to increase business knowledge.

We’ve complied our top three business articles of 2016 based on what you enjoyed most. Thanks for reading! If you missed them, you can still take advantage of these valuable insights into running your business.

#1: The Financial Ratios Banks Care About Most

Banks use financial ratios in evaluating a company’s request for financing as these provide a lens into how a business is doing and its financial situation. Most ratios can be calculated using financial statements, and they are used to analyze trends in a company’s financial performance and how it compares to others in the same industry.
Before approaching a financial institution, businesses should calculate these ratios themselves to identify areas needing improvement. This helps avoid any surprises.


#2: Financial Benchmarking: The Next Step in Your KPI Analysis

Measuring key performance indicators (or KPIs) has become a useful management analysis tool at many mid-sized companies. KPIs are metrics that help companies monitor financial performance and measure their progress toward meeting specific financial goals and objectives. Banks, too, use financial ratios to evaluate a company’s performance and credit worthiness, which were discussed in our last article.
For KPIs to be the most useful, however, companies should take measuring and monitoring KPIs one step further by comparing them to a standard. This comparison process is referred to as benchmarking.


#3: How IronMountain Solutions is Bucking the Benefits Trend

In today’s environment of escalating costs for health insurance and other employee benefits, many companies are looking for ways to slash their benefit offerings. But in Huntsville, Ala., there’s one company that’s doing the exact opposite.
IronMountain Solutions is a systems, software and hardware solutions engineering company that supplies services to the U.S. government and Department of Defense on a contract basis. In Huntsville, engineers are in high demand, so the company has always strived to hire and hold onto the best engineers by offering a best-in-class employee benefits plan.


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