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Growing Pains? Is Outsourcing a Good Idea?

Companies are starting to consider outsourcing functions like HR or IT, along with outsourcing specific job roles for special skill sets.

It’s common practice for many companies experiencing growing pains to consider outsourcing functions like HR or IT, along with outsourcing specific job roles to individuals with skill sets that match the role. Depending on the players, it might be a good idea for your company or business. 
Technology makes it simple to connect people and teams digitally from all across the globe and can make outsourcing services, and individual job roles, very attractive: 


  •  You can plug the best people or even the best team into a role regardless of geographic proximity.
  • Technology makes this easier than ever before with tablets and smart phones that keep people connected almost 24/7.
  • Outsourced teams and team members can be much less expensive when compared to an “all-in” full time employee.
  • Some companies outsource to individuals or teams (like customer service) across time zones to offer greater access throughout the day.  
That said, technology isn’t the only consideration. Before you initiate a business process outsourcing plan, you’ll want to make sure you answer the following questions:
  • Do you have the right team/people in place with the right expectations? Are you able to clearly communicate roles, responsibilities and expectations? Have you removed any ambiguity from your Service Level Agreement (SLA) to ensure that everyone is on the same page? If you’re contracting with individuals do they know what’s expected? Is it clear how your organization is going to measure success? What metrics do you have in place?
  • How are you going to interact with the team/players? Do you have a plan that identifies the frequency of communication between you and your outsourced team—everyday, once a week, monthly? Have you determined how to share and archive any electronic data sent back and forth? Have you established a standard, or naming convention, everyone can use for sharing files, etc.?
  • Do you have the right tools in place? Will you need to incorporate video conferencing, live chat or online collaborative workspaces to accommodate the need for team members to occasionally work through problems together? The vast array of technological tools available today—most of them at our fingertips—can bridge the geographic gap for businesses working with outsourced teams and individuals, allowing people to be completely accessible without being in the same building, the same country or the even same continent. 


Once you’ve answered these questions, the key to successfully outsourcing services and job roles is all about connecting the dots. It’s important to make sure you’re measuring and giving the outsourced team accountability to the right things—the things most important to your company. 
If you can clearly articulate what you expect from an outsourcing contract, you’ll be more likely to achieve the results you’re looking for. And, outsourcing will prove to be a good idea for you and your company.
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