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Business Reputation - Protecting Your Company Brand Online

Protect your company from negative company reviews on websites like Amazon & improve your online business reputation.

It can take years to build a quality brand name that represents superior goods and services delivery. But just a few negative company reviews on websites like Amazon or Angie's List has the potential to demolish all of the hard work you've put into protecting your online business reputation.

Negative customer reviews, or impartial third-party reviews from outlets that publish opinions on the type of business in which your company is engaged, can have a significant impact on your business' growth. This can result in lower revenues and limited business development options.

What can you do to manage your online business reputation? Take a proactive stance and immediate action to address negative reviews and informational reports from impartial consumers of your company's offerings. Counter each negative comment with a positive approach to client or customer engagement and ultimate satisfaction.

The best way to avoid developing a bad reputation is to keep clients and customers satisfied, but sometimes that's not possible because of differing company expectations and consumer perceptions.


Forbes recommends tracking online reputation issues by regularly conducting a search of your company's name, along with the names of the company CEO and other managers, and respond to each negative review in the most positive fashion. For example, Dell allows consumers to post reviews of Dell products on its website. Each negative review receives a quick response from a Dell representative that often provides a solution, along with a sincere apology for the customer's dissatisfaction. This not only shows that Dell takes a proactive stance with regard to negative feedback, it also demonstrates the company's commitment to delivering quality care for Dell's consumers.

Respond to negative feedback with positive solutions that assist the reviewer and help keep their future feedback happy. This demonstrates to readers of the negative comments that your company takes customer and client satisfaction seriously, and responds with solutions, not excuses.

Another useful tool is to provide dissatisfied customers with an on-site location to express their dissatisfaction, and a place for you to respond positively to bad reviews. In this way, you may be able to preclude having the complaints broadcast across the Internet and appearing on websites over which your business has no control.

Experts recommend that negative feedback be left up for other consumers to see, along with your company's response to that negative feedback. If you just delete the negative feedback, prospective consumers may lose trust in your company's commitment to client care and in the integrity of the business itself.

Respond quickly to negative reviews so they have less of an impact on your company's online business reputation, and so that you can demonstrate to the writer of that negative comment that your company wants client satisfaction – quickly. Leaving a negative review unchallenged may indicate to the reviewer, and to future prospects, that your company fails to rank client care highly. Always encourage the reviewer to leave positive feedback once the problem has been resolved to the customer's satisfaction to show that your company took action, made the client or customer happy, and will do the same for future customers.

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), the basis of online business reputation management -- and the best method of protecting a business' name and products -- is "the creation of captivating and useful content that is disseminated throughout the Internet in order to engage readers and increase the popularity of that item in the search ranks."

To maintain a positive online reputation for your company check for negative reviews regularly, respond to criticisms and complaints quickly, and provide the original complaint poster the opportunity to post a positive review of your company's actions once the problem has been resolved.

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