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Success Story: How Lockbox Services Increased Auto-Matching Rates for Carriage Services

Learn how Cadence Bank provided Carriage Services with an automated lockbox receivables solution that increased efficiency and improved cash flow.


Cybersecurity for Middle-Market Companies: An Interview With Cadence Bank CIO Tom Clark

As cyberthieves increasingly target middle-market firms, cybersecurity has never been more important. Cadence Bank exec Tom Clark explains what you can do.


How to Prevent Check and EFT Fraud in Your Medical Practice

Employees of medical practices and health care companies are perpetrating check and EFT fraud. Learn how they’re doing it and get fraud prevention tips.


How to Prevent Employee Fraud in Your Medical Practice

It’s a sad reality: People sometimes steal from their employers. Know the red flags & get strategies for combatting employee fraud in a medical practice.

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