What is Fluent?

Fluent by Cadence puts your money at your fingertips in one easy to use, secure and free suite of on the go banking products. The Fluent suite flows with the moment, allowing you to interact with your money in ways that let you better interact with the unexpected. You can instantly move money, check your balances, and make a deposit in a flash with a snap of your smart phone's camera.

Fluent's set of convenient and easy banking tools are designed to better connect you with your finances so you plan with more confidence, spend with more peace of mind, and live with more freedom. The network that starts at your local branch, now keeps you connected with your money in a world that never stops.

Bank in the moment, not just in the branch with products that put you in constant touch with your money.

full service banking in your pocket.

deposit checks with a camera snap.

one stop money

bank in the moment.

Fluent Today

Fluent Is Just One Way We Keep The Conversation Going.

Our suite of digital products opens a new chapter in banking convenience, but Fluent is only a part of the Cadence story. After all, helping you get the most out of your money still depends on getting to know you. While we continue to find new ways for you to stay connected to your money, we still want you to visit us or give us a call. Banking is not just state of the art technology. It's the fine art of customer service.

"Fluent by Cadence gives me more control over my money than ever. I actually look at banking differently now, and see so many new possibilities."

Start using Fluent by Cadence today.


What is Fluent?

Fluent by Cadence puts money as close as your mobile, no matter how far you go. You can instantly move money, check your balances, and make a deposit in a flash with a snap of your smart phone. The same customer care you find when you walk in our branch, now makes life even more care free.

What does it cost?

There is no cost to enroll in Fluent or to use TotalMoney, FlashDeposit or MobileBanking. If you use a mobile phone, there is no cost from Cadence Bank, but your mobile service provider may apply standard rates depending on your data or text message plan.

Is Fluent secure?

We proactively employ safeguards to ensure the security of your mobile or online banking sessions. To keep your information safe, our services include: encryption of all data; required PIN login; servers certified by a "certificate authority" and, for Cadence Mobile customers, enrollment only available if you are enrolled in our secure Cadence Online Banking.

What if I need help?

Your questions about enrolling in and using Fluent products are important to us. We are available to help you by phone, e-mail or in-person at one of our branches. Cadence Customer Service is available by phone at 800-636-7622 Monday through Friday, 7 am – 8 pm CT and on Saturday, 8 am – 5 pm CT.