Fluent By Cadence Puts You In Touch With Your Money: Anytime, Anywhere

When it comes to being good with your money, Fluent speaks your language -- the language of secure mobile and online banking.

Fluent by Cadence puts your money at your fingertips in one easy to use and secure suite of on-the-go banking products for online banking with a free Cadence Bank Mobile app for your phone or tablet. You can instantly move money, check your balances, pay bills or pay individuals, and make a deposit in a flash with a snap of your smartphone's camera.

Fluent's set of convenient and easy banking tools are designed to better connect you with your finances so you plan with more confidence, spend with more peace of mind and live with more freedom. The network that starts at your local branch now keeps you connected with your money in a world that never stops.

Online And Mobile

You're never far away from your money with Fluent by Cadence. Access Fluent online with your computer or with a mobile app on your iPhone®, iPad®, or Android™ mobile or tablet.

To get started, enroll in Fluent online, then download the Cadence Bank Mobile app from the Apple® App Store or the Google Play™ Store.

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Apple StoreGoogle Play Store

Bank in the moment, not just in the branch, with products that put you in constant touch with your money:

Online Banking

More and more of us are living online. Which is exactly why you’ll find Cadence Bank right there with you. Gain free access to your accounts 24/7 from wherever you are. Pay bills, check balances, transfer funds and much more whenever you like — and do it all with confidence. All you need is a Cadence Checking or Savings Account and a desire to set your own pace online.


Make deposits a snap using your phone or mobile device by enrolling from your computer in Fluent by Cadence, then downloading the free Cadence Bank Mobile app for your mobile device. Then use your smartphone or tablet to photograph the front and back of the endorsed check you want to deposit into an eligible Cadence checking account, and submit it for deposit. It's fast, secure and no additional cost* for Cadence Bank personal checking customers.

*There is no fee for FlashDeposit from Cadence Bank, but fees may apply from your mobile service provider.

Bill Pay And Move Money

Sure, paying bills online saves you time, envelopes and stamps. But it's also much easier to pay bills from one place, instead of going to the websites of each of your billers to pay online. Turn the chore of paying bills into an opportunity to simplify, organize and get a firm hold on your finances. Online Bill Pay is safe and free. And best of all, it’s hosted by Cadence Bank — so you know it’s going to fit you just right.

Online Bill Pay includes some very convenient features:

  • Pay a person via email or text message. Great for parents with children away at college. Password protected.
  • Recurring payment options.
  • Bill pay reminders, so you don’t forget to pay a bill

Total Money

TotalMoney is like a one-on-one with your own Money Coach and accessible on your laptop, tablet or mobile any time. Within minutes of a one-time set up you see and interact with your money in a way that puts you in control and puts financial planning in your comfort zone.

TotalMoney gathers and organizes your accounts and transactions in one place -- not just your Cadence accounts, but your accounts at other banks, too. That's how it allows you to track daily spending on things like gas and food and receive important alerts when your attention is needed. You see visually simple charts that allow you to spot the spending patterns you want to change and the possibilities for growth you want to explore.

Cadence TotalMoney is simple to start, and if you have ever tried Personal Financial Management software before and been disappointed, TotalMoney is a real eye-opener. When it comes to your financial future, take control of the conversation with Cadence TotalMoney.

eStatements and eNotices

Save paper and eliminate clutter; use Fluent online to sign up to receive bank statements and notifications in Fluent. Electronic statements let you receive your monthly checking and savings account statements when you log in to Fluent online. When your statement has been processed, you get an email telling you it is ready. You log in to Fluent using your password, so you know your account information is protected.

If you prefer, you can view your bank notifications online, too, such as CD maturity notices or confirmations of scheduled funds transfers.

Remember, after signing up for e-Delivery, you will no longer receive a paper statement or paper bank notifications if you opt to receive both e-Statements and e-Notifications.

Text Banking

When you're in a hurry, nothing is more convenient than Text Banking. You may be waiting for the kids at soccer practice or stranded at the airport, but you can still stay on top of your finances. Text Banking is great for people with text plans on their mobile phone.*

  • Text your request and receive details on your account almost instantly
  • Check available balances
  • See your last four transactions
  • Transfer money between accounts

Wonder how banking with text messages works? In just one example, you can text BAL and receive an automated text reply within seconds showing your current available balance.

Because text messages are limited to 160 characters, the response from this command may be delivered in multiple text messages depending upon the number of accounts and the balances you have. Learn more about common text messages you can use for Text Banking.

* There is no fee from Cadence Bank for Text Banking, but fees may apply from your mobile service provider.

Ordering Checks

When you are logged in to Fluent online, you can also order your checks when you're running low. Just one more way that Fluent makes your banking easy.

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