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Finding the Right Services for Me/My Business

Finding the Right Financial Services for Your Business

Today's challenging business environment makes it critical to manage your cash efficiently to improve cash flow and maximize return on excess capital. Cadence Bank's treasury management services team understands that and works with you to devise strategies that will improve cash and liquidity management. It's our goal for you to see your treasury management officer as a vital strategic advisor.


Treasury Management Products and Services

What is treasury management? Many businesses today want to work with a treasury manager who can be a tactical thinker and advisor, not just a transaction processor. A Cadence Bank treasury management specialist can help you to build a customizable treasury management solution that fits your business' needs.


Here are a few ways that Cadence can help you:

• Account efficiencies — Consolidate multiple and overlapping accounts to maximize efficiency and minimize service fees. Learn more about Cadence's online banking for business.


• Automate accounts receivable functions — Services such as receivables lockbox can help you maximize cash flow by ensuring that deposits are posted and processed in a timely and effective manner.


• Centralize and automate accounts payable functions — Automatically entering invoices into a central lockbox increases efficiency, reduces processing delays, minimizes vendor disruptions and improves cash forecasting.


• Integrate bank data into internal systems — Integrate data from Cadence Bank into your accounting system to improve decision making, forecasting and cash management.


• Guard against fraud — Cadence Bank offers several different fraud prevention products and services, including ACH Positive Pay*, Positive Pay* and Reverse Positive Pay1*. They can advise on the best solutions to help protect your business from various types of fraud such as check fraud, ACH fraud and cyber fraud.



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