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Wire Transfer Services

Send and receive business payments with our secure, high-speed wire transfer payment solutions.

Wire transfer services

If you’re looking to streamline your payables process, commercial wire transfers can save your business time and effort. Cadence Bank offers domestic and international money wire transfer services to help you move business funds quickly and securely.


Wire transfers are especially helpful when a high-dollar payment needs to be sent and received on the same day. Commercial wire transfers can conveniently be made online or by talking directly with an expert in our wire transfer department.


Full range of wire transfer solutions for businesses


We provide a number of secure business wire transfer solutions. With Cadence, you can make a wire transfer online and initiate a bank-to-bank wire transfer both domestically and internationally.


Some of our bank wire transfer services include:


  • Book transfers: Send commercial wire transfer payments to other Cadence Bank accounts.
  • Domestic wire transfers: Send same-day wire transfers to accounts at other banks.
  • International wire transfers: Wire payments to foreign banking accounts in U.S. dollars or an international currency.
  • Drawdown wires: Also known as reverse wires, drawdown wires enable receiving banks to send you bank wire transfer payment requests.


How wire transfers work for your business


Wondering how it all works? Our secure, high-speed electronic money wire transfer services provide you with a reliable way to send and receive business payments. Wire transfers are sent via Fedwire, which is a real-time settlement system that offers participants the ability to send and receive time-critical payments. Our deadline for receiving wire transfer requests is weekdays at 4:30 PM CT, excluding holidays.


Benefits of our wire transfer services


There are many benefits of wire transfer solutions at Cadence Bank. Some of them include:


  • Speed: We offer same-day wire transfer services for domestic payments. The time frame for international wire payments vary depending on the country and destination of receipt.
  • Security: Only individuals authorized by your company have access to initiate wire transfers. Additionally, we use multiple levels of security to protect your business’s wire transfer transactions. The security benefits of wire transfer payments at Cadence involve:
    • Customizable transaction and account dollar limit authority
    • Passwords, tokens and audit reports for wire transfers initiated online
    • Personal identification numbers (PINs) and call recording for wire transfers initiated by telephone
  • Convenience: You have multiple, convenient options when settling your business payments. Bank wire transfers can be initiated online via Cadence’s AllegroSM wire transfer service, over the phone or in-person by visiting one of our local branches.
  • Reporting: Once commercial wire transfer payments have been made, you have multiple reporting options available, including Allegro Wire Activity Reports, BAI files, email reports and physical mail reports. Our treasury management team is also available to answer questions about your existing wire transfer setup or previously executed transfers.
  • International reach: Save time by using wire transfers to make your cross-border payments in U.S. dollars or a foreign currency.


Commercial wire transfer fees


Fees are charged for domestic and international wire transfers, both incoming and outgoing. The fee amount depends on the type of account and wire transfer payment. You can review fee amounts prior to completing your company’s wire transfer payment.


Learn more from a Cadence Bank Treasury Management Officer


Interested in learning more about our secure commercial wire transfer solutions? Contact us today to talk to one of our Treasury Management Officers.


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