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Wire Transfer Payments

Our Wire Transfer Service offers a secure, high-speed electronic payment solution that provides a reliable way for you to send or receive payments.

Wire Transfer Payments

Interested in moving funds easily and quickly in a safe and secure environment? Cadence Bank offers both domestic and international wire transfer services, which allow you to move funds to other financial institutions using the Internet or by talking directly with our Wire Transfer Department.


In 2018, more than 158 million domestic wire transfers were originated, with an average of $2.8 million sent each day.*


Our full range of secure wire transfer solutions provide same-day settlement and timely information reporting for both U.S. Dollar and foreign currency denominations, which include: Book Transfers, Domestic Fed Wire Transfers, Drawdown Wires, International U.S. Dollar Fed Wire Transfers and FX Wires.


Wondering how it all works? Our Wire Transfer Service offers a secure, high-speed electronic payment solution that provides a reliable way for you to send or receive payments needed.


Domestic wires are sent via the Fed wire, which is a real-time gross settlement system that offers participants the ability to send and receive time-critical payments.


Multiple information reporting options are available for your wire transfer activity including Allegro!® Wire Activity Reports, BAI files, email advices and mail advices. You can also inquire about previously executed transfers through our Treasury Management Client Support team or request changes to your existing wire transfer set-up instructions. Our deadline for receiving initiation of wire transfer requests is weekdays at 4:30 PM CT, excluding holidays.


Benefits of our Wire Transfer Solutions

  • Multiple Initiation Options – Wires can be initiated online via the Allegro! Wire Transfer service, by telephone to our Wire Transfer Room or by visiting one of our branches.
  • Speed - Domestic wires are available same-day. International wire time frames vary based on country and destination of receipt.
  • Security - Only individuals who are authorized by your company have access to initiate wires. In addition, multiple levels of security are utilized to protect your wire transfer transactions:
    • Transaction and account dollar limit authority
    • Passwords, tokens and audit reports for online initiation
    • Malware and fictitious website protection provided by IBM® Security Trusteer Rapport®
    • Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) and call recording for telephone initiation
  • International Payments - Cross-border payments can be made in either U.S. Dollar or foreign currency.


Interested in learning more about our secure wire transfer solutions? Contact us today to talk to one of our Treasury Management Officers.


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