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Automated Clearing House Solutions

Our ACH solution is a dependable collection and payment system that can help optimize your company’s cash flow and overall productivity.

Automated Clearing House Solutions

ACH payments are electronic payments through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network. In 2019, there were 24.7 billion ACH payments totaling $55.8 trillion. This volume translates to approximately 75 payments per person in the United States.* With the volume of payments increasing year after year, what is your company waiting for?


Maintain optimal cash flow


Speed and efficiency in collection, initiation, concentration and disbursement of funds are an important economic consideration for companies of any size. Our ACH solution is a dependable collection and payment system that can help optimize your company’s cash flow and overall productivity.


Benefits of ACH

At Cadence Bank, our ACH services can help your company with:


  • Faster, more reliable payment delivery - Regardless of location, unexpected weather or transportation delays, you are assured that funds can be paid or collected on time.
  • More predictable settlement and cash flow - By originating ACH transactions, you determine the effective date of the settlement to your account, resulting in more predictable cash flow.
  • Reduced costs - ACH provides a convenient, low-cost and flexible way to make payments and receive funds by eliminating the need for check printing, mailing and reconciling expenses and the hassles associated with lost and stolen checks.
  • Better use of funds - By using ACH to concentrate your funds, you minimize idle balances and have access to more funds for investments or loan payments.


How Does ACH Work?

Direct Deposit allows you a safe and convenient way to pay your employees, wherever they may bank.


Pre-Authorized Payments electronically collects money from your customers.


Cash Concentration quickly transfers funds to your accounts from other banks, minimizing idle balances.


Tax Payments allows you to pay both federal and state taxes electronically. Once you have signed up with the Internal Revenue Service or your state tax agency, you simply begin initiating your payments. Our deadline for receiving your files, batches and entries is weekdays at 6 p.m. CST, excluding holidays.


Same-day ACH Originations allow you the ability to expedite payments or collections requiring same-day receipt for single transactions $100,000 or less at a fraction of the cost of a domestic wire transfer. Same-day ACH also provides you with a contingency option for emergency payrolls and missed payment deadlines. Federal and international payments are currently ineligible to be processed by the ACH Network.


Interested in learning more about how our automated clearing house solutions can help your business? Contact us today to talk to one of our Treasury Management Officers.


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*Source: NACHA, The Electronic Payments Association®

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