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Treasury Management Online Banking Services

A secure, single portal to access all the treasury management services you need and use.

Online Banking

It’s more important than ever to be able to have full visibility and real-time access to your business’s financial information. Not only does this allow you to make important decisions in a timely manner, but it gives you the necessary financial tools and reporting right at your fingertips to support your data integration and automation needs.


Cadence Bank’s AllegroSM online business banking gives business owners a single sign-on portal to access all the treasury management services you need and use – with no new software required. You’ll get the insights into your business’s cash flow that you need to make critical business decisions, all in one place.


With Cadence Allegro, any authorized member of your staff can sign in to manage your company’s cash flow with access to bank information and payment initiation, anytime, anywhere.


We take security seriously, which is why Allegro provides modern encryption features to protect you from sophisticated scams and hackers.


Our robust and user-friendly solution provides the convenience business owners need with access to all the details and reporting required to make informed decisions.


Treasury Internet Banking Features:

With Allegro, you’ll benefit from:


  • Access to payroll and bill paying services, including Positive Pay and ACH Positive Pay.
  • Previous and current day Information Reporting with canned reports and customizable reports created by user, and various exportable file formats.
  • Ability to make any needed deposits with the click of a button through our electronic funds transfers feature. We use the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network to support our electronic transfers.
  • The power to initiate a stop payment right from the portal, without having to visit your local branch. This convenience gives you more control over your payments and decreases your chances of falling victim to fraud. Your online stop payments will stay in place for up to 365 days.


Additionally, you’ll have real-time access to the most recent updates, eliminating the time-consuming installation process for system upgrades. The portal allows you to customize access to specific transaction types or reports based on job responsibilities, allowing you to better manage transaction and information risk.


Interested in learning more about how our online banking solutions can support your business? Contact us today to talk to one of our Treasury Management Officers.


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