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Sep 12, 2021 release includes new features and enhancements as follows:






Cadence Bank Mobile App

Client Self-Service Administration (Pilot Nov 2021)




Allegro Bank Administration

Company Profile Dashboard



User Management Dashboard


Company and User Management Dashboard




Features Include:

Sample Alert Screens

Transaction Notification Alert Options

Allegro users can now setup notifications to be alerted when Current Day ACH and Wire Transfer transactions occur. Alerts can be setup either on Allegro Desktop or Cadence Bank Mobile app.

Review Contact Info Screen Updates

  • Users prompted every 180 days to confirm/edit contact information
  • New fields added include alternate email address and off-hours phone

Failed Login Page Message Updates

The Locked Out message has been replaced with “Sign On Failed” message.

Home Screen - Push Notifications Authorization Prompt

Sample Security Push Notification Screen - iPhone and iWatch

Step 1 - Notifications & Alerts Screen

Step 2 – Notification Available Options

Step 3 – Push Notifications Setup

Step 4 - Setup/Edit Push Notifications Preferences

New Push Notifications & Ability for Users to Setup Alerts Notifications

Cadence Bank Mobile app now supports push notifications on clients iOS and Android devices.

To receive push notifications, the user will be prompted with three steps:

    • When user clicks on app they will need to accept prompts provided by the device operating system.
    • After first login to app, it is one time step to accept prompt within the app to receive notifications on the device.
    • Respond "Yes" to received Push Notifications.

      Note: On Apple devices, the push notifications will be available on iPhone, iPad and iWatch.

Tap on the Alert to view additional details. Push notifications will include:

  • Security – This alert cannot be turned off and includes the following:
    • Account Locked
    • Password Changed
    • User ID Changes
    • Personal Info Changes

  • High/Low Balance Threshold
  • Transaction Cleared
  • Positive Pay Exceptions
  • Positive Pay Auto-Import Confirmation
  • ACH Positive Pay Exceptions
  • Return Items
  • Special Reports
  • Incoming/Outgoing ACH Items
  • Incoming/Outgoing Wire Transfer Items
  • Transfer File Uploaded – notifies the user that a file has been successfully uploaded to File Transfer and the user will receive a secure mail message from the bank.
  • Administration – Business administrator alerted when user-specific notices are sent to users. For example, user expiration notification.

Notifications Setup Steps in the App:

  • Choose Notifications & Alerts from app menu

  • Notifications List screen will display all available notifications grouped by category

    = all alerts under category are active
    = one or more alerts under category are paused
    = all alerts under category are paused.

  • On push notifications setup screen -

    To Edit = tap on any configured alert
    To Create New Alert = tap on “+” icon on top right

  • Setup/Edit Push Notifications Preferences – Features available when configuring an alert:

    • On/Off Switch – turning off allows to pause the alert temporarily and turns the notifications to orange.
    • Delivery Options
      • Push Notifications
      • Text Messages – SMS sent to primary mobile number in system
      • Primary Email
      • Alternate email address

Note: SMS text and push notifications may not be available on all alert types and are planned for future releases.

General Updates:

  • SMS delivery option is only available for the following:
    • ACH Positive Pay exceptions
    • Positive Pay exceptions
    • Returned Items
    • ACH
    • Wire Transfers

      Note: Moving forward push notifications will be used instead of SMS alerts.

  • Secure message email delivery option will still work for users who have previously enabled it but will no longer be available going forward.

App now Supports Dual Control Review for Transfers

Cadence Mobile Bank app now supports dual approval for Account Transfers.

Administration – User Access Management

User List

User Management Dashboard

Application Access Widget

Custom SSO Setup eForms on Side Panel:
1. Digital Payments – ACH and Wires eForm

2. Lockbox Manager eForm

3. Outsourced Disbursement eForm

4. Remote Deposit Capture/Commercial Mobile Deposit (CMD) eForm

5. Remote Lockbox eForm

Bank Admin Task Manager

Sneak Peek into Client Self-Service eForms

The Self-Admin Custom eForms will allow the designated company Security Administrator to submit details for adding/editing users. This will eliminate the need for TM Exhibits and verification of the request.

The Self-Admin Pilot is planned to begin November 2021 with a few clients and a full rollout in Q1/Q2 2022. As we approach the November timeline, we will provide you additional details through user guides and manuals.

Based on company’s entitlements, the respective eForms will be displayed. Below is full list of eForms available:

  • Remote Deposit Capture/Commercial Mobile Deposit
  • Remote Lockbox
  • Digital Payments*
    • ACH*
    • Wires*
  • Lockbox Manager
  • Outsourced Disbursement
  • Bill Pay – This is setup at company profile level and eForm not needed as this is established via API.

Submittal of these eForms creates a task to the Allegro Bank Administration > Task Manager. Bank Administrators can assign the task to self or other users to setup in the vendor systems.

Long term roadmap is to make API calls with vendor systems and eliminate the eForms.

*Note: Digital Payments ACH and Wires custom Single-Sign On (SSO) Setup eForms validation includes amount limits, 4 fields will be imported daily from ACI UOB Digital Payments system when job runs at night. These fields will be stored in the account settings on each applicable company account, see screenshot.

  • Total ACH limit (if provided) - ACH Total Max Amount
  • ACH Debit Limit - ACH Debit Max Amount
  • ACH Credit Limit - ACH Credit Max Amount
  • Wire Limit - Wire Max Amount

Internal Facing

New IP Restrictions Setup Screen

Bank Administrators can now manage the list of restricted IP address’s for a company.

  • Click the 3 dots to the left of the Company Name to access the new Edit IP Restrictions option.

  • IP restriction can be setup for a range of IPs or for single IP address in which the “to” field blank can be left blank.

  • Companies with an active IP restriction will display “IP” on the company dashboard under the security section. Clicking on it will open the Edit IP form in the side panel.

New Security Event for Authorization Tokens Addition/Remove

Addition or removal of authorization tokens will be visible in the following Security Alert widget:

  • Security Center
  • Company Profile Dashboard
  • User Management Dashboard

Enhancement of Company User List with Mobile Phone

On the user list screen, the mobile phone number will now display if there is no daytime phone number, Icon’s will indicate Mobile or Desk.

User List Details Side Panel

Bank Administration User Reports

Hotlink to Allegro Company Profile on User List and Reports

The hotlink icon has been added to multiple screens such as:

  • User List details side panel
  • User Provisioning report
  • User De-provisioning report
  • User Scheduled Removal report
  • Security Alerts report

Company Profile Name Update Using Edit Panel

Bank Administrators can now update the company name using the new Company Dashboard edit detail panel.

Account Setup Wizard

Account Side Panel

Expansion of Account Setup with Departments

Department selection step added to the account setup wizard. This is optional.

Note: Departments can be tied to accounts after account is created in the account side panel for the company.

Redesigned Role Setup in Create User Wizard

Redesigned the Roles tab has the roles now categorized instead of being in alphabetical order.

Enhancements of User Dashboard

New icons introduced for ease of use:

Enable User = quickly enable a disabled or locked user
Reset Password = quickly reset a user’s password

Security Alerts and Recent Devices is now available on the user dashboard for all users.

Click here to enlarge >>

New Role Categorization

Role categorization is added to the Create User wizard and Role Assignment screens as a continuation to build upon for the upcoming Client Self-Service Administration component.

Account Widget

Edit Account Side Panel

Enhancements to User and Company Dashboard

  • Account Nickname is now shown on a second line on the account row.

  • $ icon will show next to the account selected as the default billing account.

  • Accounts Details Hotlink Added .

  • Alternate Account Number Addition
    Bank Administrators can link additional account numbers to an account. Click on “+” or pencil icon to add one or more linked accounts.

Device Registration Bypass Addition in User Search

“Device Reg Bypassed” filter added to the User Search screen.

Business Search Results Sort Updated

The business search results sort by business name and now extended to sort by short name.

Report Expansion with New Security Alerts Report

A new Security Alert report has been added to include reporting on activities Done by our Bank Administrators to a user.

These activities are as follows:

  • Password Resets
  • Device Registration
  • Code generated
  • Enable Profile
  • Unlock Profile
  • Reset Token

There are 3 options for designating the user filter by:
  • Bank Admins
  • Business Users
  • Retail Users

ACH Positive Pay Filter

Enhancements of Audit History

  • Event code and icon for critical events will now display in red.

  • Audit message after an ACH Positive Pay filter is created will now include Company Name and Company ID in the detail portion of the message. This is only visible to Bank Administrators.

  • Additional audit message details included for Transfer failures now showing if they are due to NSF (Non-Sufficient funds).

Company Dashboard – More Links

Create User Wizard – Dual Controls step

Review Policy Relabeled to Dual Control

Review Policy is replaced with Dual Control on Allegro menus and screen verbiage.

Offline Statements Type Addition

Bank Administrators now have ability to designate the statement types that should be generated for the selected account when the system job runs.

Note: all existing offline statement definitions were updated to normal Account Statement only. To include other statement types, you must edit the account’s offline statements definition and add the code.

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