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Nov 21, 2021 release includes new features and enhancements as follows:




Cadence Bank Mobile App

Client Self-Service Administration




Allegro Bank Administration

Task Manager






Features Include:

1. Positive Pay

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2. ACH Positive Pay

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Redesigned Pages for Positive Pay, ACH Positive Pay and Returns

Pages layout and feature intros on page have been updated for following:

  • Positive Pay*
  • ACH Positive Pay*
  • Returns

*Today’s Exceptions remaining time to display on left.


  • Feature intros in Positive Pay and ACH Positive Pay now include message to inform the Allegro users about buttons or features that may not be visible due to the item status or the Allegro user’s permissions.

  • Ellipses will no longer display.

Addition of Department to Positive Pay – File Definitions

Department existed in legacy screen and has been reintroduced back to the new Positive Pay – File Definitions screen.

Wire Processing Time Included in Wire Transaction

Wire processed date and time is now included in the detail overlay for the Balance Reporting Wire Transaction History.

User Management Dashboard

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Company Profile Dashboard View Only

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Client System Administrators Page Updates

New style sheets applied to the Client System Administrators (Business Admin) pages that provide a fresh, more modern look and feel for a better end-user experience

Enhanced Push Notifications Status on Device Screen

My Device screen, located in more devices under the Client Support > Security Center, now shows the push notifications opt-in status on the device as follows:

  • = the user has opted to received push notifications on the registered device
  • = the user has opted not to receive push notifications
  • = the user has not provided an opt in selection or needs to update to a newer version of the Cadence Bank Mobile App

Note: Tooltips appear on hover over of icon. Opt-in statuses only appear for smartphones or tablets.

Secure Mail Messages Push Notification Setup

Expansion of Push Notification Delivery Method

Mobile push notification delivery method is now supported for following alerts:

  • Positive Pay auto-import alert when an Issued Item file is automatically imported
  • File Transfer file upload
  • Secure Mail Messages – Allegro users can now receive push notification on secure mail message sent to their inbox by electing the setup in the System & Security Alert type.

Note: the user must have chosen to receive the delivery as push notification and already authorized the delivery of push notifications on the Cadence Bank Mobile app.

App now Supports Back Navigation for Transfers

Cadence Mobile Bank app now supports back navigation to go back to list for Transfers.

Glimpse of New Company Business Security Administrator (BSA) Screens

BSA - User Management Dashboard

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BSA - Company Profile Dashboard

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Upcoming Client Self-Service Administration Nov Pilot At-A-Glance

The Self-Service Admin Pilot is planned to begin November 2021 with a few clients and a full rollout in Q1/Q2 2022. Taylore Haftek, TM Product, will lead the one-on-one session coordination with the participating clients and the internal designated Bank Admin team to process requests from the Pilot.

Full Rollout planned for Q1/Q2 2022.

Prior to rollout, we will provide you with additional details on the Self-Service Admin Center on the Resource Center which will house the user guides and manuals.

For the designated clients in this Pilot, Allegro will expand its existing administration capability to be client facing with a new client administer role - Business Security Administrator (BSA). This functionality will provide a simple and intuitive Client Self-Service Administration module for a BSA allowing to:

  • Manage the company's user(s) setup and maintenance
  • Manage only the existing enabled company level accounts and services will be eligible for selection when adding or maintaining a user.

    Note: Any requests that require Single Sign-on setup will be delivered via Bank Admin Task Manager to the appropriate Cadence team for completion. Requests will be sent securely and tracked through the Bank Admin Task Manager.

Internal Facing

Create New User Wizard Update

New step in the Create User wizard will now allow the admin user to review the Single Sign-on (SSO) applications added to the user through the selected roles, new step six (6) displayed in the screenshot.

Note: For the Client Self-Service Admin Module’s Business Security Administrator. if there are SSOs that have not been setup in step six, a prompt will display if the user wants to proceed. The information can be added on the user’s dashboard later.

1. Reorganized Dashboard Sections
Company Dashboard

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User Dashboard

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2. Refresh Option

3. Principal Contact

4. Application Access SSO Delete Prompt

5. Application Access Grouping Dropdown

6. Role Groupings – role assignment

Role Groupings - Create New User

Enhancements to User and Company Dashboard

  • Reorganized Dashboard Sections
    User and Company dashboards have widget sections regrouped into tabs, see screenshot.

    Each section tab will now display badge to indicate how many items the tab contains. The badge will not appear if there are no items within the widget. Accounts, Application Access and Roles tabs are not affected by this change.

  • Refresh Option - refreshes dashboard screens quicker

  • Principal Contact Updates
    Show deleted contacts checkbox option now available.

  • Application Access Single Sign-On (SSO) Delete Prompt
    Bank Administrators now will be shown a delete confirmation prompt when deleting and active SSO (Single Sign-On) on the application access tab in user management dashboard. You must remove the assigned roles providing access to the SSO role for the module to be removed from the Application Access tab after deletion.

    Note: If the assigned role is not removed from the user the module will display as “Not Setup”.

  • Application Access Dropdown Groupings Updates
    The list of application modules will now be grouped by module category in drop down list and similar to role groupings shown in item 4 below.

  • Role Groupings Collapsed by Default
    The role assignment and create new user setup screen will now display a collapsed view of the roles by default. Expand the roles groups to see the roles underneath.

  • Role Module Updates:
    • Renamed FIS Trust to Trust Reporting
    • Renamed Outsourced Disbursement to Outsourced Disbursement (OSD)
    • Removed Administration category under Application Administration.

  • Role Filtering Updates
    Company level role entitlements will now filter at User level roles.

  • Recent Devices Renamed
    Renamed to “New Devices”.

  • New User Link
    View user link arrow opens side pane now instead of going to the User Management Dashboard.

New Teams Management Screen

As a continuation to build upon for the upcoming Client Self-Administration component, we are introducing Administrator Teams to allow Allegro Bank Administrators to be grouped into teams. These teams will be instrumental to manage Task Manger task assignments submitted by the client’s Business Security Administrator.

Located under Bank Management > Administration Teams

Note: Bank Administrators who have Manage Teams permission can create teams, add members, and set service class categories and task types for each team.

Step to Create Team –

  • Select “+ Add Team”
  • Designate the following:
    • Members
    • Service Class
    • Task Types

New Team Task Assignment

Allegro Bank Administrators can now assign tasks from Task Manager to individuals’ user or a team in the right pane.

Individual bank admin is a type-ahead loading matching entries. Team list will display upon selecting the “Assign to a team” field.

New Task Manager Assignment Filter

Filter “Assigned to” contains 3 filtering options, all turned “on” by default on the screen.

Me – Tasks assigned directly to me
Unassigned Tasks - Tasks that are unassigned but have task types that are designated for any of my teams.
My Teams - Tasks assigned to any of my teams (assigned to team directly or any member of that team)

Note: You can turn each option on or off.

Addition of Teams to Task Summary

Summary view provides aggregate view of Tasks by status to each administrator team to which you belong.

Column Updates to Task Manager

Page columns reordered with new “Age (days)” and “Update” column. Age filter now added to advanced filter. Updated column displays recently updated tasks with date/time.

New Task Manager Email Notification

Allegro Bank Admins can now subscribe to the new Task Manager email alert. This runs throughout the day and notification is sent on new tasks that have been submitted which apply to them. Subscribed admins receive the email alert when:

  • New tasks have been assigned directly to them
  • New tasks have been assigned to their teams
  • New unassigned tasks have match one or more of their team’s assigned task types

Bank Admins can manage email notification subscription on Admin Home screen via Customer Service > Setup Admin Alerts

Note: Manage Alerts permission required to access the link above.

Expansion of Return Items Notification Email Includes Inactive Accounts

The Return Items Import summary email will now show the masked account number for any invalid accounts listed.

Service Class Categories Included in User Search

User search now includes Service Class Categories in addition to service classes.

New Business Accounts Reports

Three new account summary reports available on the Bank Admin Dashboard.

  • Accounts by Business Summary Report
  • Account Types by Business Summary Report
  • Business Accounts Report

Addition of Date Filter to ACH Exception Report

Bank Administrators now can view a list of all exception items for a selected date.

Report Header Updates

Reverted the report title headers to display report names instead of "Administration Reports" for following:

  • Business User List
  • User Provisioning
  • User De-Provisioning
  • User Scheduled for Removal

Enhancements of App Usage Report

Business and user filter added in advanced filters.

Enhanced Front End-User Simulation with Bank Admin Lockout

Allegro Bank Administrators attempting to stimulate front end-users will now get locked out after 3 consecutive failed Signon attempts.

Renamed User and Business Roles Column

Renamed column to “Applies To” from “Module Category” on both User and Business Roles information screen. This column will display the Module Category alongside with the primary module.

Note: “- -” dash will display in column if no primary role is selected which is optional.

Removed Legacy Add User and Add Account Links

Legacy links removed from legacy Company Setup dashboard and throughout the admin site (navigation, menus, business and user dashboard).

Online Payments (UOB Single Sign-On) Session Keep-Alive Update

Online Payments SSO session connection with Universal Online Banker (UOB) will keep the Allegro user’s session now extended for 30 mins when they are in payment center.
Note: The above session updates will be turned on during the UOB system upgrades planned for Dec 2021.

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