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March 21, 2021 release includes new features and enhancements as follows:




General Enhancements & Defect Remediation



Allegro Bank Administration

General Enhancements & Defect Remediation

Features Include:

Enlarge Image

Redesigned My Secure Messages Module

My Secure Messages page located under Client Support menu has been redesigned to be consistent with the user experience on recently deployed modules.

Features Include:

  • New Message
  • Refresh
  • Search – clicking on icon display search box and messages can be filtered by body and subjects

Filter allows you to click on to view filter and click out to view all messages:

  • High Priority
  • Unread Messages
  • Has Attachments
  • File Transfers (Note: This is available for users subscribed to File Transfers)
  • Iconography shows whether the messages are from the Allegro user or the TM Client Support team.

Manage messages by clicking on the message to view entire message or correspond with TM Client Support. Clean up the mailbox easily with Bulk Delete by selecting multiple messages and clicking on delete icon.

New Allegro Transfer Batch Upload Feature

In this release, you now have the new capability to upload and execute Allegro Transfers that meet the defined CSV format specifications.

This Transfer Batch Upload option is located under Payables and Risk menu > Allegro Transfers > Upload Transfer Batch and clicking it opens the upload transfer batch wizard.


  • User creates Allegro Transfer file according to the defined CSV format specifications
  • User uploads Allegro Transfer file
  • Review Batch and click on Begin processing

    • = passed validation
    • = validation failure
    • Note: The primary reason may be due to account status, insufficient funds – NSF, transfer exceeds transfer limit and user entitlements.

  • Batch Successfully processed

Once the batch is processed, any scheduled transfers will show in the Allegro user's normal scheduled list. Note: If dual approval is required, the item must be approved by a second approver before it shows in the Scheduled Transfer list.

*Batch File Format
The batch file must follow the specified comma delimited format. The system supports the following fields:

  • From Account Number* - Cadence debit account (Max 10 characters)
  • To Account Number* - Cadence credit account (Max 10 characters)
  • Amount - 0.00 (Amount must be > 0.00 Not to exceed 99,999,999.99)
  • Transfer Date*- mm/dd/yyyy
    Note: Using today's date will execute as an immediate transfer. Using a future date will schedule the transfer for the selected date.
  • Description - an optional Transfer memo (Max 60 characters)

**All transfers are subject to funds availability and transfer limits and/or approvals

By default, the system expects the file to be in the following format:

New Login Page Supported Browsers Link

Login page now has the recommended versions link for:

  • Supported Browsers
  • iOS and Android

Client Facing

General Enhancements & Defect Remediation

Balance Reporting

• Pending Transactions text updated to dark color for improved visibility on the Account Register screens. This is for Retail Business Online Banking (BOB).

• ACBS file import with upper case characters in file name was failing. This has been fixed.

Positive Pay

  • Issued Item Batch Uploads Incorrect Issued Dates Fixed – Imported batch file was showing one day prior to date contained in the file. For example, a file containing a date of 3/19/2021 was displayed as 3/18/2021. This has been fixed.
  • Issued Items Edit Fail with Dual Control Fixed – When an Allegro user is using dual control review for individual issued /voided items, it’s possible for an edit to fail. The form was not updating to reflect the item was read only. The user would have to leave the item and come in fresh to see the form render properly with the dual control approve /reject options to choose from. This is fixed now.
  • Test Batch File Preview Missing Fields Fixed – When testing an import definition, Payee and Type (voided) fields were not showing in the test file preview results. This has been fixed.

  • Test Batch File Preview Missing Fields Fixed – When testing an import definition, Payee and IsVoid fields were not showing in the test file preview results. This has been fixed.

  • Positive Pay “Last Month” Report Fixed – Last Month report for Positive Pay was not generating correctly. This has been fixed.


  • Today’s Return screen was preventing users in IE from printing the check image within the details pane.


  • Renamed “Enhanced Login” to Multi-Factor Login” on the multi-factor login sign on screen.
  • Device Registered Date in the Message Center Fixed – After registering a device or updating personal information after 6pm on 3/18, the Security Alert on the Message Center was incorrectly displaying the date as 1 day later, 3/19. This is fixed.
  • Security Center
    • Button Styling Update – Security screens button update include the change password, change security questions, change User ID and register token screens.
    • My Devices Screen Fixed – My devices would clear out data when leaving and returning to the Security Center screen. This is Fixed.

Internal Facing

Redesigned Bank Administrators List

As a continuation of the user experience introduced with the User List we are now moving the Bank Administrators list to be consistent with filters (advance searches). This is located under the Administration menu > Bank Administration.

New Features and filters:

  • Master Role – multi-select
  • User Types
  • Quick Search – finds users by first/last name or user ID

  • Advance Filters:

  • Deleted – indicates whether to show soft-deleted users

Export formats available:

  • PDF
  • XLS
  • CSV

User Summary Side Panel - opens to right by clicking the row representing the administrator user with following same as the prior release’s User List side panel.

User Management Dashboard

The following have been added:

  • Job Title field – add or update through Edit Contact Info (max 100 characters).
  • SMS Verification Code – This feature now requires the Allegro Bank Administrator user to have the new SMS Verification Code Permission.

Deletion of Disabled Authorized Tokens

Ability for Bank Admin user to delete a disabled token is now available. Note: This deletion will purge the data in the audit history.

Positive Pay Bank Level Permission Update

Allegro Bank Admin user is able to create and copy new bank level format definitions with Manage Bank-wide Formats permission.

Bank level format definitions is managed by TM Transmissions Team.

When the permission is denied the admin does not have the ability to add a new import file definition nor copy a file definition at the bank level.

Audit History Toggle Filter Updates

Following existing filters have been moved to the main filter bar as toggle filters:

  • Done to User* - This is a change by an Allegro Bank Administrator
  • Done by User* - This is an action by an Allegro user
  • Show Detail

*User needs to be selected to display these filters
Note: Filter shows when user is selected.
Toggle filter can be toggled on and off by clicking on the icon image.

Enhancements to the User Provisioning Reports

Following fields available:

  • User Provisioning Report – Date Created is available and report defaults to “This Month”

  • User De-Provisioning – Date Removed is available”

Removed all references to the ACI Enterprise Banker module

Clean up effort to remove ACI EB module and reference.

Internal Facing

General Enhancements & Defect Remediation

Positive Pay

Test Batch File Account Dropdowns Fixed – When testing a batch file, file definitions without a column defined as account selection option “Load to account” was not appearing correctly for Allegro Bank Admins but correct for the business admin users.

• Positive Pay Issued Item List Load Issue Fixed – When the issued item list contained items in dual review and user issuing the item(s) was not associated with department, the Issued Item List failed to load. This has been fixed.

ACH Positive Pay

Addition of import date/time to the ACH Positive Pay Exception Items and Today’s ACH Exceptions reports. The date/time will be expressed in local time on the screen. The field was also added in the PDF, XLS and CSV exports. The exports however will display in CT time.

User Management Dashboard

User Management dashboard roles tab missing inherited roles – The Roles selected from the master role list should now match the roles that appear in this area for the user. This is now fixed.

• Online Digital Payments SSO missing under Application Access after creating user. This has been fixed.

• Business user with ampersand (&) in the username threw “The user cannot be loaded” error message. This has been fixed.

Authentication Tokens Screen Load Fixed – Token screen was not loading when accessed via the More Links on the user's dashboard screens and the spinner kept spinning. This has been fixed.

Task Manager Widget Refresh Fixed – When SSO is requested for a business user, the Tasks widget was not refreshing. This is now fixed show the task that was generated from the SSO request.

Allegro Admin Reports

• User Scheduled Removal report issue showing manually deleted users. This report has been corrected to show users deleted through the automation process.

Allegro File Transfer

• File Transfer cleanup job was not deleting files and showing repeated files in the audit logs. This has been fixed.

Audit History

  • Improved logging for MFA, authorized token validation and device registration to include more details as follows:
    • Audit message when a two-factor code is generated on behalf of a user, an updated message now displays “Successfully generated authorization code {code} for user {user}.”
    • Error code 538 – Added device type to the final parameter of the message
    • Added a new detail message (634) for logging provider authorization token code validation success
      • Authorization token validated successful using code ##### for Symantec provider with user ID (id parameter} with credential Id SYMC#####
    • Added a new detail message (event code 636) to indicate the chosen method of authentication
      • Successfully validated the SignOn code via method Authorization Token
    • Improved the audit log for Allegro user’s that use authorization tokens for login that when a user enters a successful code a log message will be stored.


• Home tab in menu navigation had 403 error occurring on rare instances. This has been fixed.

Maintenance Pages

  • Optimized code for ACI UOB links
  • New version of maintenance page with start time and end time can be created within a web.config file. In addition, a new maintenance flag during deployments can be set to automatically redirect users to the maintenance page.

  • Updated Allegro Bank Admin generic error page to include appropriate service contact information.

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