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Allegro Releases - Internal Purposes Only

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June 13, 2021 release includes new features and enhancements as follows:






Allegro Bank Administration


Features Include:

New Invoice-to-Pay – Single Sign-On (SSO)

Invoice-to-Pay is a new payables product that will make its debut at the end of June. The SSO integration is a pre-task required in support of its go-live date of June 28, 2021. The SSO link will reside under the Payables & Risk menu which is subscription based. This new product will offer commercial clients with the capability to streamlines the accounts payable process with automation from invoice capture, purchase order match and payment execution.

Enhancements to Business Administration Menu

Redesigned sub menu includes as follows:

  • User Access Management (previously labeled Users) allows Administrators to view list of users within the company, view user detail information and perform functions to unlock users or reset passwords
  • Company Profile (previously labeled as Business Information)

Enhancements to Entitlement Report

A status message and download progress bar has been added to indicate that an entitlement request is being created or is ready to be viewed.

Positive Pay and ACH Positive Pay Bulk Decisions Update

In this release, Positive Pay and ACH Positive Pay bulk decision actions will have the checkboxes visible based on assigned account entitlements for the Allegro user and no longer show all the checkboxes on all decision items.

Detect on notification

Correct notification

ACH Positive Pay Email Alerts Notification Update

ACH Positive Pay email notification could display one or more remaining items when there were no remaining exceptions in the account summary section of the alert. This only occurred on the secondary alert sent in the afternoon. This has been fixed.

Internal Facing

Redesigned Business Dashboard

Click to Enlarge Image>>

Account Assignments

Task Detail Panel:

Ellipses Menu

At-a-Glance Company Profile Dashboard Introduction

As a continuation to build upon for the upcoming Client Self-Administration component, we are introducing the dashboard for managing Company and User information; thus improving the end-user experience. Illustration is on the left is a snapshot of the dashboard.

New functional widgets are introduced:

Pencil Icon - opens to manage edits.
icon = add action
= opens panel
= company token exists
= indicates client is setup for One-Time Pin (OTP) in addition
to Login credentials
= Cadence Allegro Bank Administrator users
= Allegro Company Administrator users
= alerts or notices on recent events

  • Company Profile Summary
    • Status
    • Service Class
    • FIG (Financial Institution Group)
    • Security:
      • Security Policy
      • MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) election
      • Token Icon – blue indicates a company has a user with a token otherwise the widget will be displayed in gray.
      • 2F Icon – Multi-Factor Authentication.
        • Blue = on
        • Gray = off
    • Last Login Timestamp – by a company user from desktop and mobile
    • Alerts or Notices
      • Security Alerts
      • User Removals
      • Outstanding Tasks
    • ACH Originator IDs
    • Create Date - Date company profile was created.
    • Last Modified Date - Date company profile was last edited.
  • Tags
    • Currently, Tags are used by Retail bank to further distinguish between Cadence Pay and Business Online Banking (BOB)
  • Principal Contact - New feature.
    • Ability for TM Support teams to add company contacts that may or may not be Allegro users. For example, adding the Certificate of Authorization (COA) contact information and/or specific area of responsibility within the company such as Lockbox, Wires, etc.
  • New Users Dashboard Section
    • Displays newly created Allegro users indicating if they have logged in or invite has expired.
    • Full User Provisioning report can be viewed by clicking the open icon.
    • Option to resend New User invite in cases where user did not receive or accidentally deleted previously sent invite.
  • Notes Section Expansion
    • Add multiple notes to a company
    • Add/Download attachments
      paper clip icon = attachment exists
    • Checkboxes to view notes by
      Cadence Allegro Bank Administrator users
      Allegro Company Administrator users
  • Accounts, Roles and Application Assignment
    • Accounts
      • Master billing account indicator added. Only one account can be designated per company profile.
      • indicates the billing account number for the Allegro profile, see screenshot to right.
    • Roles
      • Expanded to include user roles descriptions
    • Application Access
      • SSO applications subscribed to by the company
  • Tasks
    • Displays task status for the company. This is designed to be a powerful Self-Admin collaboration tool for the internal Cadence Allegro Bank Admin to collaborate on company-specific tasks as:
      • Setup Company SSO product
      • Review Company for Deletion
      • Delete Company SSO product
    • Status Type – Pending, Active, Awaiting Customer Feedback, Complete, Canceled, On Hold
    • Date the task was last updated
    • "+" icon show if the user has access to request new tasks (via the Task Manage permission under Admin/Other section in permissions).

    • Clicking on the task opens the Task Detail Panel, see screen shot.
  • Security Profile - New Section
    • Security Alerts – This widget makes it easy to see latest security events that have occurred recently from users within the company and provides visibility into potential risks.
    • Device Registration - Shows devices the company's users have recently registered.
  • Quick Links - opens new browser windows:
    • More Links
    • Quick Actions

    • Note: No change to actual link pages; Only included in dashboard for improved user experience.

      Removed legacy links include Accounts, Create User and Positive Pay Import/Export Definitions.


  • Switch between business in menu by pulling the dropdown next to company name
  • Ellipses Menu actions:
    • Edit business
    • Edit ACH originator IDs
    • Change short name
    • Delete Business

Permission Setting to new Business Dashboard Screen will be applied to only Cadence Internal Allegro Bank Administrators.

User List - New User Setup Addition

The ability to add a new user directly from the User List page for improved user experience and efficiencies. It can be located by clicking on the ellipsis > Add User and this opens the New User Setup wizard.

User Provisioning Report

User De-provisioning Report

Enhancement to the User Provisioning and User De-Provisioning Reports

In the User Provisioning Report, the new Create By Filter feature provides more flexibility when searching for users using the following options

  • Bank Admin
  • Business Admin
  • Businesses

In the User De-Provisioning Report, the Remove By Filter is also available.

These are managerial and monitoring reports to be used by Cadence Internal Onboarding and TM Activations teams.

Security - Integration of IBM Trusteer PinPoint Detect for Desktop/Mobile

The implementation of IBM Security Trusteer Pinpoint Detect has been added at the server level (NextGen) for Desktop and Mobile point of entry.

More information to come later as logic is fine-tuned and processes established.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Sign-on Update

The highlighted label has been removed.

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