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June 14, 2020 release includes new features and enhancements as follows:


Client-Facing – Desktop/Browser


Client-Facing – Mobile


General Enhancements & Defect Remediation



Allegro Bank Administration

General Enhancements & Defect Remediation

Features Include:

Client Facing

Special Reports - Added Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Report to all Balance Reporting accounts

All BALANCE REPORTING Accounts will automatically inherit the Special Reports ACH EDI feature. This includes existing and new balance reporting accounts.

You can locate the ACH EDI feature under the Information Reporting module, Special Reports. A sub menu titled ACH EDI appears and upon selection, the ACH EDI page will open. You can also access ACH EDI directly from the Dashboard using the Report selector.

Previous Day Reports – Expanded ACH Description to include Merchant ID and Receiver Name, if available

The Merchant ID and Receiver Name data fields will display on incoming ACH transactions that includes this information.

allegro image 
allegro image 

Previous Day Reports – New User Preference Widget
Float and Hold Columns Hide/Display Balance Reporting now available

A new User Preferences widget allows the Allegro user to set their preference indicating whether to display float and hold columns in the Balance Reporting reports. The setting will be carried through on the downloaded reports as well.

The setting can be managed by clicking the new settings icon situated next to the download icon.

Note: Even when the Allegro user has chosen to hide float or hold fields, the fields will display on the screen when float or hold values exist so that the Allegro user doesn't miss relevant data where present.

allegro image 
allegro image 
allegro image 

New Check Returns Look and Feel with Step-by-Step Help Overlay

Check Returns has been redesigned with new look and feel. A step-by-step Help overlay will be presented to the Allegro user to help guide them.

This function is available through the main menu on the Home > Information > Returns

Updated Verbiage in Notifications for Check and ACH Positive Pay as well as Check Returns

With this release, Allegro users subscribing to Check Positive Pay, ACH Positive Pay, and Check Returns notifications sent via SMS and eMail will see information in terms of cut-off times and disposition instructions of Positive Pay Exception items.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

New Login User ID Minimum Requirements

The minimum requirements for the User Login ID will be enforced in phases. Users that do not meet the new User ID standards will be presented with the Change My User ID page to complete before proceeding to access Allegro.

The Change My User ID sign on task is presented as a 3-step wizard:

Step 1- Important Security Message provides an explanation why the user is prompted to Change the User ID.

Step 2- Change My User ID screen allows the Allegro user the ability to change to a New User ID to meet the requirements below:

  • between 8-32 characters
  • at least one number and one letter
  • should not contain spaces
  • User ID and Password cannot be the same

  • For example, user ID John needs change to John1smit to meet the user ID requirements.

Step 3- Successful Change of User ID and button to Continue to the Allegro Online Banking Sign on page.


Allegro User email notice:
allegro image 

Company System Administrator copy of email notice:
allegro image 

New Inactive User Automated Disablement Process

Historically, inactive Allegro users have been disabled from time to time. With this release, this manual process will now be automated. All Allegro users projected to be inactive for a total of consecutive 120 days will be disabled, with notifications of inactivation starting on the 90th day of inactivity.

An email notification will be sent to users who have not logged in to Allegro in 90 calendar days informing them their User ID would be deactivated unless they login to keep their ID active. Additionally, the Company’s System Administrator(s) will also receive a copy of the user notification for their information and action, if needed.

The inactive Allegro User will receive two notifications - first at 30 days and the second at 15 days before the scheduled automated deactivation date.

System Deactivation criteria is listed below with the default set to 120 days for both:
  • Users that have not signed in to Allegro in 90+ calendar days.
  • Users that were enrolled by their companies 90+ calendar days but have never logged in.

The following additional steps will occur with each job run in the system:

  1. Users Scheduled for Removal Report Updated - When the job detects that the user will be deactivated in 120 days, the first warning email is sent 30 days in advance of the user deactivation. Allegro Bank Administrators can see which users are pending removal by running the Users Scheduled for Removal report.

    Access this report from the Allegro Portal Admin - Administration Home > Report > Users Scheduled for Removal Report

    Note: if the Allegro user logs in prior to deactivation, this determined termination date will be cleared.

  2. Automated Job Success/Failure Notification - This is applicable only to Cadence Bank Application Support team as they will have the ability to see if the job ran successfully or failed. If the job failed they will escalate with BitBuilders for remediation.

Message Center to Display Last Unsuccessful User Login

The Message Center on Allegro’s dashboard will now display and alert when the Allegro user's account has had an unsuccessful login since their last successful login. It will show as a critical alert in the alerts list as shown in the screenshot. This enhancement alerts the Allegro user someone other than themselves has attempted to use their login credentials.

Restrict User from deleting last eMail address and Mobile number from User Profile

In the recent April release, both email address and mobile phone number for an Allegro user became mandatory. With this release, the removal of the last email address and mobile phone is restricted and the delete icon will not be displayed in My Contact Info screen.

Access this screen by navigating to Client Support > My Personal Profile > My Contact Info

Removed Unnecessary Verisign SSL Certificate Link

The “About SSL Certificates” hyperlink has been removed from the Allegro Sign on page as it is no longer needed.

Expanded Mobile and Tablet Links with e-Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) and Resource Center

The Cadence Bank Mobile app will now include the Resource Center link, located under the Menu screen in mobile.

The tablet view will have both e-Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) for the entitled users along with Resource Center under the Menu screen.


Allegro Bank Administration

Positive Pay
ACH Positive Pay Exception Items Report Expansion

Allegro Bank Administrators can now view violation codes on the expanded ACH Positive Pay Exception Items report.

Access this report from the Allegro Bank - Administration Home > ACH Positive Pay > Exception Items Report

In addition, the ACH Positive Pay Exceptions Items report has been enhanced to improve usability with the addition of business and account combo filters. Allegro users now have the ability to toggle between single account selection and multi-selection via the Account and Business option.

  1. Account option is selected by default. The user is required to select the account type from a list of options and enter the full account number to select a single account.

  2. When Business option is selected, the user must type in a business short name and select the business. The business's list of accounts will appear. The user has the ability to multi-select accounts to appear in the report results.

Impact: TM Client Support, Small Business Client Care, ACH Operations

Updates to Business Search Criteria with New Security Profile Filter

Allegro Bank Administrators can now search businesses’ by criteria including security profile type and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Access from the Allegro Bank Administration > Business Search

One or more security profiles can be selected for the search, including businesses that do not have a Security profile established. MFA search options include:

  • Required for all users
  • Optional for all users

Impact: TM Client Support, TM Fulfillment, Small Business Client Care

Updates to User Search with IP Address, MFA and Mobile Phone

Treasury Management Client Support team can now can perform research on suspected fraudulent activity by searching for fields such as IP Address, MFA or mobile phone.

  1. IP Address -search by the IP address used to access the system. This can be used to look for specific IP address matches or to look for Allegro users who might access the system outside the IP address(es) for their company (meaning they accessed Allegro from outside work).

    • IP address must be entered in the form of #.#.#.#.
    • Each # can be from 1 to 255.
    • You can also search by a range - e.g.: to
    • Other filter options include:
      • Equal To
      • Not Equal to
      • In Range
      • Not In Range

  2. MFA - search by whether the Allegro user has the MFA option required. You can look for users who have MFA Required for all Users, Optional for all Users or Disabled for all Users

  3. Mobile Phone - search by whether the Allegro user has a mobile phone number.

Impact: TM Client Support, Small Business Client Care

Allegro User View

Enhancements to the User Token Activation Page

As part of our Token Digitization at Allegro Login projected to be deployed 1Q 2021 , new token credential data has been added to the Token Activation Management screen.

Access this screen by navigating to the User Setup screen> Hardware Tokens

  1. Enhancements include:

    • New Manage Tokens permission - to manage user entitlements for the newly added token management functions. This permission must be added to the proper roles for Allegro Bank Administrators to enable these features for use.
    • The Symantec token credential ID will be fully visible to Allegro Bank Administrators. This will be masked for the Allegro user. (Note: this is blurred in release notes in screen shot to left)
    • The Symantec token credential user ID of the token owner is only visible to Allegro Bank Administrators.
    • Added token's status display:
    • Disable a token and prevent its use. A disable reason must be provided.
    • Re-enable a disabled token.

  2. Nickname Field Updates – The nickname field will only display when the Allegro user has provided one during credential setup. If not provided, it will be hidden.

Administrative Reports Expansion
User Provisioning Update (include Date and Time)

User Provisioning Report did not provide time of user creation and last login which is needed for future system audits. The User Provisioning Report now displays the time in both the Date Created and Date Last Login columns on the results screen and exports.

Impact: TM Client Support, Small Business Client Care

New User Scheduled for Removal Report (Inactive Users)

The new User Scheduled Removal Report can now be accessed in Allegro Bank Admin. The report includes the Allegro users scheduled to be disabled at a future date and for which the User Deactivation email notification has been sent directly to the user and to the company’s system administrator(s).

Access this report from the Allegro Bank Admin > Reports > User Scheduled Removal

Report Features include:

  • Scheduled Removal Filter – this will default to "This Month" as the date
  • "Play" button - This is an On-Demand report, which means the TM Support staff member would run, based on new established procedures.
  • Export - The report is exportable in CSV, PDF and Excel formats

Note: The nightly job that detects the inactive Allegro users will set and display the projected deactivation date.

Impact: TM Client Support, Small Business Client Care

New Users De-Provisioning Report

With this release, we are introducing a new report of all users who have been deleted, either by Cadence staff or via automated script. This report is available to all Allegro Bank Admin users and can be filtered and exported.

Access this report from the Cadence Bank - Administration Home > Reports > User De-provisioning

Users De-Provisioning Report Features include:

  1. Date Removed Filter – this will default to "This Month" as the date
  2. "Play" button - the report does not auto-run so select Play once the appropriate filters have been selected to run the report.
  3. Status – De-Provisioned users will have a status of Delete.

    • This is a soft delete in the system. To undelete, go to Allegro users related Client Profile > Users > Filter user list by Deleted = Yes. Select user and select “Undelete” to enable user.

The report is exportable in the following formats:

  • CSV, PDF and XLS

This report can be accessed from the Reports by selecting the Report Selector filter.

Impact: TM Client Support, Small Business Client Care

New Business with No Active Accounts Report

The new Businesses with No Active Accounts Report provides a list of all company profiles that have no active accounts. This new report will assist the client support teams to review the profiles and take appropriate action to remove the profile, if client has left the bank or has accounts migrated onto a single client profile. The objective of this report and process is to reduce the account analysis fees reversals from occurring and/or negative balances on the billing account as a result of the service still active.

Access this report from the Allegro Bank Admin > Reports > Business with no Active Accounts

The report is exportable in the following formats:

  • CSV, PDF and XLS

This report can be accessed from the Reports by selecting the Report Selector filter.

Impact: TM Client Support, Small Business Client Care

New Application Usage Report

The new Application Usage report provides visibility into Allegro applications most used by our end-users. Although available to all Allegro Bank Admin users, this management report will be used primarily by TM Product to use as a base for upward usage communications and further investment opportunities.

Access this report from the Allegro Bank Admin > Reports > Application Usage

Note: For running a report, a date and category selection is required.

Categories include:

  • Session
  • Successful Logins
  • Failed Logins
  • Users Locked Out
  • Positive Pay
  • Decisions Made, Issued Items Cleared, Issued Items Updated
  • ACH Positive Pay
  • Decisions Made, Filters Created, Filters Updated
  • Stop Payments
  • Transfers
  • Transfers Made
  • RDC Mobile
  • Mobile Deposits
  • SSO
  • Successful SSO
  • Failed SSO

Data Chart Labeling - The y axis labeling always reflects the count (ex. number of logins) or the amount (total transfer amount). The x axis labeling reflects the time. The x axis labeling changes depending on the date range selected.

  • If a single day is selected, the x axis labeling will appear in the form of time of day
  • If a range 7 days or less is selected, the x axis labeling will appear as day of week
  • If a range of between 7 and 31 days is selected, the labeling will appear as week number
  • If a range of between 31 days and 18 months is selected, the labeling will appear as month and year, as shown in the screen shot
  • If the date range selected is greater than 18 months, the x axis labeling will appear as years

Impact: TM Client Support, Small Business Client Care, TM Product

New Special Reports (ACH EDI, ACH NOC and Returns)

The ACH EDI, ACH Notice of Change (NOC) and ACH Returns offered to Allegro clients under the Information Reporting/Special Reports feature can now be accessed directly from the client profile page or the Bank Admin Reports sections within Allegro Bank Admin. This capability is to replace the current need to simulate a client user when researching and issue or assisting a user.

Allegro Bank Administrators may have the following permissions based on job roles and responsibilities:

  • Special Reports - View Reports - to view the reports under Balance Reporting

To review the Special Reports for a single company, navigate to the company setup page and access their report at the bottom right by selecting Special Reports.

You can choose between the three available reports as shown in screenshot and report will be generated.

Impact: TM Client Support, Small Business Client Care

SSO User

Business Removal

Updates to Admin Task Manager for Allegro Bank Administrator

The following enhancements have been added. They include:

  • Due Date – Date can now be edited on an existing task

  • Assignment - Checkbox selection has been added for ease of assignment of multiple tasks

  • New Task Statuses

    • Canceled - Comment automatically added to the task indicating when and by whom it was canceled.
    • On Hold - Comment automatically added to the task indicating when and by whom it was placed on hold.

  • Assigned To – added an Assigned To filter with following selections:

    • Not assigned
    • Assigned to me
    • Choose one or more Allegro Bank admins from the list (These are Allegro Bank admins who have permission to view tasks)

  • Admin Master Role filter - You can now filter the task list by choosing a master role. There may be different groups of admins using the task manager and master roles provide a way to filter the list such that you can see tasks assigned to any admin who is a member of a master role.

  • New Links – in the Assign To column of the Task Manager screen, this is now link for a business or user that will open the business or user details in a new tab.

Additional Automation to Task Manager

When a business is deleted, user is deleted or SSO is setup for a user, the system will check for tasks that apply to the user/business and automatically update the status in Task Manager accordingly.

SSO User

For Setup User SSO tasks in Task Manager, when a new user is added via copy user that has a SSO role then SSO role is assigned to user. The task will be automatically set to Complete, and a comment will be added to the task indicating that a SSO add event has occurred. However, TM Client Support still needs to add a request for user to get assigned to respective product. And conversely, when user is deleted any SSO setup tasks will be automatically set to Canceled and the TM Client support will still need to submit a request to remove user SSO role from the respective product.

Business Removal

When a business is deleted, any Review Business for Delete tasks will be automatically changed to Complete status. Any Setup Business SSO tasks will be changed to Canceled status. However, the TM Client support will still need to submit a request to remove user SSO role from the respective product.

Impact: TM Client Support, Small Business Client Care

Updates to Client Profile Security Profile and MFA Login Option

Today, our TM Fulfillment team has to manually click on the Login MFA Election drop-down menu to select “Required for all users” from “Allow User to Opt In” when creating or editing a new business and going forward this will default. This will provide operational efficiencies.

Note: that after the default is set for Login MFA Election, the Allegro Bank Administrator can override it.

Impact: TM Fulfillment, TM Client Support, Small Business Client Care

Enhancement to User Setup Screen Message to Display Edits (Time and By Whom)

The User Setup page has been enhanced to display the date and by whom (manually or automated job) an Allegro user was deleted. This enhancement will expedite research activities, when needed.

Impact: TM Client Support, TM Fulfillment, Small Business Client Care

Marketing Ads Enhancement

Marketing Ads is enhanced for Retail and TM Product’s use. This enhancement allows for targeting specific users/user list.

Client Facing

General Enhancements & Defect Remediation

Balance Reporting

• Balance Reporting – Preferences Icon not displaying when no preferences had been saved is now properly displayed.
• Previous Day Balance Summary – Corrected credit count/total on certain items not displaying correctly. All impacted items dating back to January 01, 2019 have also been corrected.

Internal Transfer Templates

An issue in Transfer Templates was preventing the user from accessing the template groups when zero transfers (e.g. when all transfers had been removed or new ones were yet added). This issue is now resolved.

Back to List and Print Button not Showing in Dual Control Resolved

When viewing a transfer in dual control, the back to list button and the print button were not showing. This has been fixed.

File Transfer Step Up Authentication

Step up Options not Showing when Releasing Files Fixed

For customers that use the additional level of security when uploading files via File Transfer module, the step up authentication widget was not properly displayed. This issue is now resolved.

Original Issue Resolved Issue


Statements - Long Account Nicknames Wrapping Issue is now displaying correctly

In some cases, long account nicknames would overflow outside the statement User Interface container. This has been fixed.

Signon Task Screen Enhanced

The Enter key on a keyboard can now be used to submit an action in the following signon task screens:

  • Password change
  • Security questions
  • Change User ID (new)
  • MFA Login & Device Registration

Token Nickname Defect Fixed

The nickname optional field failed in the token activation screen when the user didn't enter a nickname and the user was not allowed to proceed. This has been fixed.

Calendar Date Picker Defect Fixed

Selecting the quick date Today in the date picker calendar sets the operator selection to "Equal To". However, the date parameter field was disabled preventing the Allegro user from selecting another date option from the list. This issue has been fixed.

Client Facing - Mobile

Cadence Bank Mobile App Upgrade Graphic Change

An updated Cadence Bank Mobile app upgrade graphic will appear to mobile users after signon.

Internal Facing

General Enhancements & Defect Remediation


Update EIPP from EBPP on Allegro Bank Admin, Roles, Entitlement Report etc.

Administration dashboard Header Links Fixed

In the Admin dashboard. when the user clicks "Reports" or "Manage Content" the link was broken. This has been fixed.

The Originator ID field on the Client Profile Setup screen has been expanded for better readability.

Event Publisher - Page Date Area Layout Fixed

Formatting adjustments have been made to the event publisher screen in the dates area to correct extra spacing between fields. This was introduced when the multi-module selection capability was added. This has been fixed as shown below.

Multi-Select option on the event publisher screen was expanded to include Select All and Select None in the Modules section

Report Filter Enhancements

The filter bar for the newer report screens have enhancements aimed to improve the usage of reports with multiple advanced filters. Once opened, the Allegro Bank Admin user can choose a filter from the list and the system will automatically open the advanced filter area and place the selected filter in the next available slot in that area. The Allegro Bank Admin user can remove the selected filter by pressing the "x" to the right of the filter. When saving a new report, the filters the user had selected and that are visible on the advanced filters line will be saved with the report (the ones that have values entered).

Note: this applies to any screen that has the newer report filter bar, including:

  • Positive Pay - decision items, issued items, and reports
  • ACH Positive Pay - decision items, pre-authorizations, reports and admin reports
  • Return items
  • Remote deposits admin screen
  • User provisioning reports
  • Business accounts report
  • Task manager
  • Transaction maintenance

Clicking the advanced filters icon will display a list of available advanced filters.

Selecting a filter from the list will activate the filter, adding it to the advanced filter section of the report. The user can then use the filter and/or choose to activate more advanced filters.

Multi-Pick Filters now Support Check All/None

Many of our new on-demand reports now support the Select All and Select None as multi-pick options in the additional criteria sections:


  • New caching features in framework to improve page rendering times.
  • Improved query to prevent table/page locking.

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