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February 9, 2020 release includes new features and enhancements as follows:







ACH Positive Pay

General Enhancements & Defect Remediation

Features Include:

Redesigned Online Statements User Interface

Online Statements User Interface has been redesigned to replace the old drop down menu with a modern look along with easy access to find and download statements. Each statement is represented by a tile.

Access this through Home > Information > Online Statements

Key features include:

  • Ability to view available statements grouped by year and month
  • Account drop down filter allows the Allegro users to switch selected account
  • Statement Types drop down filter allows the Allegro users to select statement types as Account Statement, Account Analysis and Sweeps
  • Quick Search allows you to search for a statement by month name or statement type name


User Setup Wizard New Features:
New User ID Distribution Automation

This new automated flow is aimed at achieving internal efficiencies within Treasury Management Operations, Treasury Management Client Support and Small Business Client Care teams whose current manual process is to distribute the new user credentials and login instructions to the end user via email. This new process will improve current SLA by accelerating the delivery of user credentials while reducing risk that exists in current manual process. The successful implementation of this new process is a vital component to the launch of Client Self Administration module projected for later this year.

As a Cadence Bank Allegro Administrator, you can create a new Allegro user using the New User Setup Wizard deployed in December. The wizard now gives you the ability to distribute credentials automatically, provided the new user has both an email and mobile phone established on their profile.

You can click on 'Send user activation email' and distribute credentials to the new Allegro user automatically.

The new Allegro user will be presented with the following for User Verification to proceed with obtaining the information needed to perform their first time login:

  1. User Email - An automated email with instructions is sent to the new user along with a link for user verification. Upon clicking the link, the User Verification page opens.

  2. User Verification page - The new user can retrieve the code by clicking the Send text message to (xxx) xxx-xxxx link.

  3. SMS Sent to Mobile Device - The user will then receive the authorization code via SMS on mobile device on record.

  4. Screen to Enter Code - User can authenticate with the code sent on the mobile device and click next. If an SMS is not received with an authorization code, user has option to re-send a new authorization code to mobile device.

  5. Password Screen - Upon successfully verifying user identity, the user sets their unique password and selects next to proceed to the completion screen to obtain User ID.

  6. User ID and Allegro Login Link - Final User Verification screen presents the new Allegro user with their assigned User ID and link to login into Allegro.

New User Wizard and Copy Wizard Integration

With this release, the New User and Copy User wizard will be integrated. You will now have the option to Copy configurations from existing user within the first step of the New User Wizard setup.

When copying a user, the wizard skips to the Review Step 5. All steps in-between listed below will be read-only:

  • Step 2 - Roles
  • Step 3 – Accounts
  • Step 4 - Review Policies

allegro image 

New User Wizard Account List Filter

In the New User Wizard setup, Quick Search has been enabled. You now can search the list of accounts easily when the account list is large in Step 3 of the Accounts screen.

Enhanced Copy Account with Account Selector Type-Ahead

Today, the Copy Account Wizard loads with only first 20 available accounts. With this release, you can now choose Copy an Account under the company profile and you can easily type-ahead either the account name or the number. The search will present the accounts that are partial match.

Relabeled Admins Reports to read User Provisioning

The Admin Reports link located under Reports on the Cadence Bank Administration Home page generates the Created User report and will now be titled "User Provisioning".

ACH Positive Pay

New ACH Debit Authorizations for Cadence Bank Administrators

The ACH Debit Authorization Report can now be accessed from a specific company's setup page or the Bank Admin dashboard without simulating an Allegro user. Cadence Bank Administrators may have the following permissions based on job roles and responsibilities:

  • View ACH Filters - to view this report
  • Manage ACH Debit Authorizations - to manage the filters
  • Undelete ACH Debit Authorizations* - to undelete filters

*Note: This permission should be turned off for real-time interfaces since those filters cannot be undeleted.

To review the ACH Debit Authorization report for a single company, navigate to the company setup page and access their report at the bottom right by selecting ACH Debit Authorizations.

An ACH Debit Authorizations report will be generated. You can further filter by Account.

New Positive Pay ACH Exception Decision Items for Cadence Bank Administrators

The Positive Pay ACH Exception Decision Items can now be accessed from the client profile page or the Bank Admin Reports from the main menu without having to simulate an Allegro user.
Cadence Bank Administrators may have the following permissions based on job roles and responsibilities:

  • ACH Positive Pay - View ACH Items - to view the decision items
  • ACH Positive Pay - Manage ACH Items - to manage the decision items

To review the ACH Decision Items for a single company, navigate to the company setup page and access their report at the bottom right by selecting ACH Decision Items.

An ACH Decision Items report will be generated. You can further filter by Account.

allegro image 

New Resource Center Link on Administration Home Page

You can now access the Resource Center site from the Cadence Bank Administration Home page's main navigation menu or under Manage Content on the home dashboard without simulating Allegro users.

General Enhancements & Defect Remediation

Balance Reporting

Balance Reporting "This Year" Data Issue Fixed

Upon selecting Balance Reporting, when an Allegro user selects "This Week", you'll see transactions. Then when the user selects "This Year" and you won't see any transactions.

This has been fixed now when filtering by the date to "This Year".

Balance Reporting Reports Refactoring

Some internal refactoring was done on balance reporting to support proper API structure.

Check Positive Pay and ACH Positive Pay Improved Audit by Removing Extra Spaces in Name

Extra blank spaces contained in the name of an Allegro users in audit information on Positive Pay and ACH Positive Pay are now trimmed. Anywhere a user name appears in the following pages in audit history extra spaces have been trimmed:

  • ACH Positive Pay Decisions
  • ACH Positive Pay Filters
  • Positive Pay Batches
  • Positive Pay Issued Items
  • Pos Pay Checkbook Reassign
  • Pos Pay Checkbook Setup
  • Pos Pay Rep Setup

User’s Audit now showing simulated session details

With this release, we will now capture and display the name of the Cadence Bank Administrator who has simulated an Allegro user.

Removed Web Page Alert in IE from Bank Admin Dashboard Quick Search

From Bank Admin Dashboard Quick Search, an unnecessary webpage alert was appearing in Internet Explorer after entering a Business User Search value and tapping the Enter key. This has been fixed.

Improved Create Users Report to Export All Records

The exports of the new bank admin Created Users Report was limited to the output of 10,000 records, which is not sufficient in some cases. This has been addressed by allowing all records to be exported. The Created Users Report will continue to display up to 10,000 records, but the export will contain all 10,000+ records.

Improved the Reliability of the Session Timeout Warning

The session timeout prompt that appears after inactivity was improved to handle a scenario where the server is not responding on the session check. In this case, the screen will still redirect to the timeout screen when the local timer times out. In this case, the timeout overlay screen will not open.

Various Fixes - Safari Browser

The following functionality wasn't working correctly in Safari. These have been addressed:

Sort Account:

  1. Go to an Allegro business user's dashboard
  2. Under Accounts, click Account Settings
  3. Manage Account Visibility screen will pop up
  4. Drag and drop to sort the accounts

ARP Reports return items/collections not expanding:

  1. Navigate to Payable & Risk > ARP Reports
  2. Click Return Items/Collections to expand the list

Contact Us:

  1. Phone number in Contact Us page was not showing up and now Phone number is showing up

Interfaces – Added Session Token for Inclusion in SAML/SSO Artifact

The core SAML/SSO framework was updated to add an encoded session token as an optional parameter to embed in the SAML artifact for SSO providers that need the ability to make session inquiries.

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