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December 6, 2020 release includes new features and enhancements as follows:




General Enhancements & Defect Remediation



Allegro Bank Administration

General Enhancements & Defect Remediation

Features Include:

New Offering - Daily Paid Check ARP with Images

This new offering will provide our clients the capability to receive bundled daily paid check images with index file via SFTP or Allegro Transfer options. Clients will need to subscribe to this service.

Redesigned User Interface - My Profile

My Profile page located under My Personal Profile > My Contact Info submenu has been redesigned to follow the new Allegro look and feel.

Right pane slides out on editing of following:

  • Email Address
  • Mobile

Multi-Factor Authentication section will show if applicable for our client's profile as seen in the screenshot.

View Larger Image >>

At-A-Glance Security Center Dashboard

The Newly Redesigned Security Center dashboard now has better security insight for the Allegro user to view and manage their security profile.

This Security Center Dashboard is located under Client menu > Security Profile

Newly Added:

  • Security Alerts
    • Export Capability Added
    • 7-day retention history under Allegro Message Center
  • Contact Information
  • My Devices

Clicking on this icon allows the user to view more details.

Ellipsis Menu Overlay for More Options

Ellipsis menu now have a descriptive overlay when hovering over the ellipsis menu with “More Options” in the following pages:

  • Positive Pay Exceptions
  • Issued Items

Client Facing

General Enhancements & Defect Remediation

Positive Pay

• Positive Pay Check Issued Items Confirmation Message - Changed confirmation message to Single Approvers upon entering/uploading check issued items.

New Message: You have approved this issued item, but additional approvals are required.

Prior Message: Before this diplayed, "You do not have the permission to approve this item."

• Positive Pay Batch Upload Warning Message - Addition of warnings message that was part of the legacy screen to now appear in the batch details screen and the batch upload screen.

• Positive Pay Batch File Definition Test Preview - Account numbers are now displaying.

• Delete Button Missing for Rejected Issued Item - For issued items that were rejected and status changed to Pending Confirmation, the Delete button was not appearing. This has been fixed.

ACH Positive Pay

  • ACH Positive Pay Exceptions Screen
    • Violation code column will be visible if there is violation data to display
    • Renamed “action” column to “decision” in the ACH Exceptions exports to match the column header in the web report

  • ACH Exception List Scroll Fixed - scrolling toward the bottom of the list will cause the screen to jump back to top. This has been fixed.

Internal Facing

Redesigned User Management Dashboard

View Larger Image >>

Screenshot for #7 Tasks - Task Detail Pane:

Screenshot for General Features:

Ellipses Menu:

At-A-Glance User Management Dashboard

A newly redesigned User Management Dashboard has collapsed information previously displayed in five different tabs onto a single page allowing for internal efficiencies when viewing and managing company users.

Note: As we continue to build Self-Admin the Task items are new.

User Management Dashboard

The User Setup screen has been redesigned with following widgets:

  • Summary
    • Master Role
    • User Type
    • Security Policy
    • Application (Allegro)
    • Service Class (new)
    • Token Icon*
    • 2F Icon* – This feature is to allow Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
    • *Note:

      • Blue = available
      • Gray = not available
  • Tags
  • Status
  • Contact
  • Notes
    • Add multiple notes to a user
    • Add/Download attachments –
      • paper clip icon = attachments exists
    • Checkboxes to view notes by Company Bank Admin or Allegro Business Admin users.
      Note: Company Bank Admins do not have this choice.
    • Ellipses menu – to edit/delete notes
    • “+” icon opens new Note panel
  • Accounts Assignments
  • Pencil icon - opens panel to manage edits

    • Accounts
    • Roles
    • Application Access
      • Displays all SSO applications the user has been setup on or are in progress of being setup
      • Status
        • Active - The module setup is complete and the user can access the SSO.
        • Add Pending - The business has requested to add this module to the user but it is not yet configured.
          Note: A clipboard icon allows view of the task manager task for this SSO add request.
        • Delete Pending - The SSO module is active but the business has requested to remove the SSO module from the user but it is not yet removed.
  • Tasks
    • Displays outstanding tasks for the user. This is designed to be a powerful Self-Admin collaboration tool for the Allegro Bank Admin and Company Admin users to collaborate on user-specific tasks as:
      • Provisioning a new user
      • Making changes to the user such as adding new application access
    • Type of Task – user, account, business
    • Status Icon – Pending, Active, Awaiting Customer Feedback, Complete, Canceled
    • Date the task was last updated
    • “+” icon show if the user has access to request new tasks (via the Task Manage permission under Admin/Other section in permissions).

    Clicking on the task opens the Task Detail Pane, see screen shot.

  • Quick links open new browser windows:
    • More Links
    • Quick Actions

General Dashboard Features:

  • Switch between users in a business in menu by pulling the dropdown on username
  • Ellipses Menu actions:
    • Edit/Delete user
    • Generated 2-factor code - Allows the admin to generate a 2-factor code the user can use to register their device or login with MFA. This is needed in case all other MFA options are not available to the user.
    • Send verification code
    • Reset Password
    • Change User ID
    • Logoff User
    • Delete User

This setting below allows the ability to switch users between the legacy and new user management dashboard:

  • Legacy = version 1
  • New look and feel = version 2

This is to roll out customers in phases.

View Larger Image >>

User Summary Side Panel

Redesigned User Interface - User List

A newly redesigned Business User List for Allegro Business Admin users with new look and feel is located under the Administration menu > User Administration > Users.

New Features and filters:

  • Status – multi-select option
  • Master Role – multi-select
  • Department – multi-select – only shows when your business is using departments
  • Scheduled Removal
  • Quick Search – finds users by first/last name or user ID

  • Advance Filters:

  • Date created – date range
  • Date Last Login – date range
  • Deleted – indicates whether to show soft-deleted users

Export formats available:

  • PDF
  • XLS
  • CSV

User Summary Side Panel - opens to right by clicking the row representing the user with following:

  • User Management Dashboard – click on Go to icon next to print to open main user dashboard
    • Blue Icons = when applicable
    • Gray Icons = when not applicable
  • Token Authorization
  • 2-factor – Multi-Factor authentication login setup
  • Status – Active, Disabled, Locked Out, In Dual Control, Review, Deleted
  • Tags
  • Alerts:
    • Recent security alerts
    • Password Expiration/Change
    • Recent Login
    • Create Date
  • Action Buttons -
    • Disable/Enable User
    • Reset Password
    • Generate 2-factor code - send code for device registration or MFA login
    • Send code for identity validation
  • Contact Information – Note: Department will display when applicable for a business user
  • Accounts – only view assigned accounts to end-user. Note: To edit account assignments, you must go to the full User Management Dashboard
  • Notes -
    • Shows admins that have logged in for this user.
    • Add New Notes
    • Ability to select and view notes by Company admin or Allegro Bank admin users
    • Paper clip displays when attachments exist on the note

Account Wizard Expansion for Multi-Bank Reporting

In the create Account Wizard, the Routing Transit Number field was added for Multi-Bank Reporting.

1. Create Common Definitions

2. New Copy Feature

3. New Bank Admin Screens for Business File Definitions

Positive Pay Enhanced Import/Export Definitions

Positive Pay Import/Export Definitions required each business to create the import/export definition prior to any Positive Pay uploads. Allegro Bank Admin user can now create common definitions at the bank-level and choose to provide those to all businesses as choices for import/export or customize these definitions to individual businesses as needed and also have the ability to copy definitions (i.e. FIS Sungard OSD standard definitions)

1. Create Common Definitions at Bank-Level

*Applicable for TM Fulfillment and TM Product team only.

These new Bank-level definitions support both Import and Export definitions.

These can be accessed from the Cadence Bank Admin Homepage > Positive Pay > Bank-Level Import/Export Definitions

  • Select Ellipsis menu (More Options) while selecting either the import tab or export tab respectively.

  • Creating or editing a bank-level definition uses the same screen for file definitions as normal.

However, when editing you do have to have the new flag “Visible to All Businesses” available whether to show this definition to all businesses when in the file definitions and file upload areas.

  • Unchecking this flag means to only show this definitions in the bank-level admins area
  • Checking this flag will show definition in any business's file definition and file upload list.

Allegro Bank Admin Permissions needed - "Manage issued item File Formats" permission to view and manage bank-level definitions.

Allegro client users can view following:

  • View bank-level definitions that have been marked “View by all Businesses” by the Allegro Bank Admin user
  • View and use shared bank-level definitions to test and upload files but cannot make changes to those definitions

As shown in the screenshot, Business definitions will show first then the Shared bank-level definitions in the format selector in the Positive Pay file upload area.

Note: Shared bank-level definitions is only visible if they are marked to share in the business definition.

2. New Copy Feature

Allegro Bank Admin and client users can now copy file import or export definitions.

When adding a new definition import or export you have added ability to copy from an existing import or export decision.


  • Select the copy icon next to definition in the list

  • Copy Wizards starts

a. Copying by Client users for a client user, the copy wizard is as simple as specifying the new definition and select Save.

b. Copying by an Allegro Bank Admin user

Options Available:

i. Create a copy in the same business - if copying a business definition

ii. Create a copy in another business – the Allegro Bank Admin user can choose the business to which to copy the definition.

On save, this definition will be available in that business' definition list.

iii. Create a bank-level - the Allegro Bank Admin user is copying this definition to the bank-level definition.

3. Bank Admin Screens for Business File Definitions

Allegro Bank Admin users now can view file definitions for a client without simulating them. (not new; UI new)

To view file definitions, go to Cadence Bank Admin Homepage > Services > Positive Pay Import/Export Definitions

An additional field “Visible to All” is included indicating it is available to all businesses in the definitions screen on the Bank-version.

Note: You will now get the new Positive Pay file upload experience. Clicking on the test icon in the definition list will start the upload test wizard similar to what the business user would see.

i. Seperate File by Account

iii. Positive Pay Report Extract Type

iv. Copy Data Extract Definitions

Extract Copy

Allegro File Setup Tool Expansion for SFTP or File Transfer Delivery Channel

*Applicable for TM Transmissions team only.

New tool allows TM Transmission team to manage client requests for data out of Allegro for delivery via Allegro File Transfer or SFTP. The setup tool is used by the TM Transmissions team and replaces current manual setup processes. In this release, the below enhancements have been added.

Access this export setup from Allegro Bank - Administration Homepage > Commercial Data Extracts

New Features include:

  • Ability to seperate file by account

  • Additional codes added for Automated Account Analysis Billing

- 2001 ARP Partial Maintenance. Monthly maintenance fee per account that had exports defined in the previous month

- 2002 ARP Partial Items. Count of all items exported across all exports for each account for the last month.

- 2007 ARP Data Transmission. Count of files transmitted at an account level in the previous month. Note: Should file contain data for multiple accounts, each account is included separately in the billing file.

- 2032 ARP Partial w/Image Maintenance. Monthly maintenance fee for the customer if they are to receive images with index file.

- 2033 ARP Partial w/Image Items Per image billing code for total items included in the file.

iii. New Positive Pay Report Extract Type for ARP Files

This is new extract type and replaces the current manual setup processes that involve TM Transmission, Application Support and BitBuilders.

Features Include:

- Positive Pay reports exports are available for the following reports:

  • Paid Items Report
  • Voided Items Report
  • Issued Items Report
  • Exceptions Report

- The Transmissions Analyst can choose any custom export format available for that customer, including the ability to export any bank-level export definition

- The Transmissions Analyst can choose to produce the file for following:

  • Daily– Admin can choose the day of month on which to run. Note: The only exception is the outstanding report. The report does not take a date range, but instead a single “as of” date.
  • Monthly

iv. A Copy feature has been developed to increase efficiencies

v. Paid Check Items TIFF Extract -
Additional enhancement to the Paid Check Items extract:

- Ability to select Previous Day as target date
- Ability to choose all accounts in the business regardless of the account being setup for balance reporting or not.

vi. Available client output formats are PDF, XLS and CSV.

Entitlements Report - Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) Phased Approach Permission

Entitlement Report for Business and User has been expanded to include Remote Deposit Capture.

This new client and end-user permission is introduced to pilot the incorporation of low-level entitlement data from external application under single sign-on (SSO).

To view permission at client profile level, go to Settings tab in Permissions

A phased rollout is planned for 2Q 2021.

View Larger Image >>

Task Manager - Added Summary View

A new Admin Task Manager summary screen provides an aggregate view of all the outstanding and recently closed tasks.
View the summary screen by clicking the summary icon which displays:

  • My Tasks - A summarization of your assigned tasks
  • All Tasks - A summarization of all tasks

Audit History – Added User Activity Filter

The filter which allows the ability to search audit messages on user’s recent activity “Done To user” vs “Done By the user” has been relocated from the User Setup screen to the Audit Report.

Updated Password Standards

New Cadence Bank passwords standards will be enforced for the Allegro Bank Admin users. This means that all passwords need to be 12 to 15 characters.

New Token Management Report

Added new report in support of the upcoming 2021 deployment of Token at Login initiative.

This new report can be accessed from the Administration Home Page Dashboard > Customer Service > Token Management

Report Filters as follows:

  • Business – search business name or short name
  • User – search by business name or user ID
  • Date last used – the date the token was last used
  • Date created – the date the token was created
  • Provider – the token provider. Note: most customers will only have one token provider in use.

View token details by clicking on user row in the list, right pane will open with Token details including ability to enable/disable/unlock/delete the token.

Internal Facing

General Enhancements & Defect Remediation

Positive Pay

  • Positive Pay Exceptions Screen Load Fixed - The Positive Pay exceptions screen may not load in some cases when the logged in user does not have entitlement decisions on one or more accounts that have exceptions. This has been fixed.

  • Positive Pay and ACH Positive Pay Multi-Decision Permission Fixed - Positive Pay and ACH Positive Pay exceptions screens multi-select (checkbox) feature was not handling the account specific decision permission correctly and in some cases could allow a user to decision items that they did not have decision permission for. This has been fixed.

  • Positive Pay Batch details display Fixed on Right Pane - For Positive Pay issued items, viewing the batch details in the right pane for a batch and clicking on the same items again in the list cleared out all the details in the right pane. This has been fixed.

  • Positive Pay File Upload Location Setting - This setting was fixed to show under Admin application since Admins also upload files as well.

  • Exception Items report - exported with title of “Decision Items”. This has been fixed.

  • Positive Pay Scrub - Sorting and pagination on screens are fixed.

ACH Pos Pay

ACH Pos Pay Exceptions Performance Optimization – The following pages have been enhanced:

  • ACH Pos Pay Exceptions
  • Admin - ACH Exceptions (navigating through the business’ related links)
  • Admin – Today’s ACH Exceptions screen (navigating through the admin home screen)

Allegro Admin Reports

Audit History Report Auto-Filter - The audit history report screen to auto-apply event filters based on the type of user viewing the history. If an event code is tagged for only certain user types, then they will only be displayed for user of that type.

Allegro File Transfers Expanded Logging - Expanded logging to capture errors when uploading, updating or deleting files.

User Provisioning Report Application Missing Fixed - The All Applications setting is now automatically set when new Admin Users are created.

Application Usage Report - Corrected the application filter logic.

Bank-Wide Permission Tree Link

When viewing the permission tree, the page was not loading. This has been fixed.

Password Reset by Admin Log

The Allegro Bank Admin user’s name who reset the password was logged instead of the user’s name for whose password was reset. This has been fixed.

Client Account Permissions

Client account permissions was not saving and error message appeared due to the recent service class enhancements in August. This has been fixed.

Calendar Date Picker Enhancement

i. The Calendar display has been enhanced to automatically close after selecting any of the Quick Dates for the following internal reports:

ii. The date range textbox area was collapsed to single editable area:

Icons Look and Feel Update

Part of the User Interface system upgrade, new icons are being introduced in Allegro and replace the older versions over the next several releases.

In this release Refreshed, Play, Export and Print icons have been updated.

Transaction Maintenance Details

The print icon was not working in the Transaction Maintenance detail. This has been fixed.

Device Registration Verification Screen Fixed

Device Registration verification screen security line overlap has been fixed.


For CMD module, viewing a check image, the icons to go to next and previous check image were corrected.

Interfaces - SSO

ImageHawk reporting alerts to system are logging a "not found" error

The ImageHawk system is setup to report alerts to system so that they can be reported on the system dashboard. These are currently not working properly due to a routing problem on the web hook end point in system. This has been fixed.


  • .NET framework upgrade to .NET 4.8 from 4.6.1 on all Allegro environments (TEST, Staging, Pre-Prod, Production)
  • Session ID internal tracking flags modified to improve auditing in the system
  • New User Interface Infrastructure upgraded for following:
    • Positive Pay
    • Returns
    • Admin
      • Create User Wizard
      • Create Account Wizard
      • Reports - Provisioning
      • Transaction Maintenance
      • Remote Deposit Admin
      • Task Manager
      • Commercial Data Extracts
      • Marketing Ads
      • Audit History
      • Online Statements
      • Commercial User Verification Wizard
      • App Usage Report
  • Theming Engine – updated to provide the ability to switch themes within the same web site
  • Administrative Maintenance Job Improvements – Scheduled job admin screen was not filtering properly as the job that ran later at night i.e. 7pm to midnight were not showing up in the Schedule Daily Task Summary for current day but showed up on the next day. This has been fixed.
  • Security Center - Screen upgraded to latest User Interface (UI) framework for both desktop and mobile. Following screens upgraded with right pane slide outs:
    • Personal Information
    • Change User ID Screen
    • Change Password
    • Change Challenge Questions
    • Authentication Tokens
    • Enhanced Login – This is the Two-factor Authentication step-up upgraded. This is used in security center screens such as personal info, change user id, or change challenge questions if Allegro user’s active security policy requires step-up.

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