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August 23, 2020 release includes new features and enhancements as follows:





General Enhancements & Defect Remediation



Allegro Bank Administration

General Enhancements & Defect Remediation

Features Include:

Client Facing

Account Reconciliation – Monthly Paid Check Images

The introduction of this new capability will provide for the migration of existing clients who currently receive bundled monthly paid check images with index file from OSI. New client setup requests will begin October 2020. TM Product will officially launch the new service capability in September.

Allegro File Transfer and SFTP are the delivery options for this service.

The service will include:
  • Front and Back Images of Previous Month Paid Check Items
  • Image Index File referencing list of Paid Check images

Output file can be configured as follows:
  • Accounts – Account(s) must be setup in Bankway ARP in addition to Allegro Bank Admin
  • Bundled Output – Multiple accounts into a single zipped image/index file or individual files by account
  • Checks Paid – Previous Month check paid activity
  • Availability – The index and image file will be available to the subscribed client no later than the seventh business day of the new month.

Entitlements Report Expansion – Commercial Bill Pay

Entitlement Report for Business and User has been expanded to include Bill Pay.

Lockbox label change to Lockbox Manager

Label change from Lockbox to Lockbox Manager for heritage Cadence lockbox clients. If you are a heritage Georgia lockbox client you will continue to see Lockbox Reports.

Positive Pay and Return Items – Reports to Display Full Account Number vs Masked

The Check Positive Pay, ACH Positive Pay, and Return Items CSV exports have been updated to show full account numbers instead of masked account numbers. This update applies to the following CSV exports:

  • Check Positive Pay
    • All new Positive Pay reports
    • Today's Positive Pay decisions

  • ACH Positive Pay
    • All new ACH Positive Pay reports
    • Today's ACH Positive Pay decisions
    • ACH Positive Pay Pre-authorization screen

  • Returns
    • Returned Items reports

Client Facing

General Enhancements & Defect Remediation

User Verification Wizard

A timing issue in the Next button was identified that prevented some users from proceeding past setup of their password. This issue is now resolved.

ACH Positive Pay

  • ACH Positive Pay exceptions report – Violation code was not displaying in ACH Pos Pay exceptions PDF export. This is now addressed.
  • ACH Positive Pay preauthorization – When a preauthorization is expired due to passing the end date, the user was unable to change the end date for the preauthorization to enter a new end date. This has been fixed.

Returned Items

A report rendering defect was identified when clicking the run/play button. This defect is remediated with this release.

Allegro Transfers

Updated On-screen message in Account Transfers that are pending Dual Control approval.

Changed From: Please note that the transfer will not be submitted for processing until it is approved. Rejecting this transfer will delete it from the scheduled queue.

Changed To: This transfer is under review. Please note that the transfer will not be submitted for processing until it is approved. Rejecting this transfer will prevent it from being executed and allow for further edits or deletion.

Cadence Bank Mobile

Multi-line account description now displays correctly on mobile. The multi-line account non-wrapping line issue and breaking tags on the screens have been corrected.

Internal Facing

Paid Items TIFF Export sample screenshot below:

New Allegro Custom Client Setup Tool Introduced

Cadence Team Impact: TM Transmissions Group

A new client setup tool has been designed to manage client requests for data out of Allegro for delivery via Allegro File Transfer or SFTP. The setup tool will be used by the TM Transmissions team and will replace the current manual setup processes that involve TM Transmission, Application Support and BitBuilders. Client setup requests for data extracts include:

1. Monthly Paid Check Image File and Index
2. Current and Previous Day BAI
3. Balance Reporting
4. Daily Summary Sweep (Harris County)
5. Daily Wire Detailed in Excel (Int’l FC Stone)

Access this export setup from Allegro Bank - Administration Homepage > Commercial Data Extracts

TM Transmissions team will have the appropriate entitlements needed to access the Commercial Data Extract feature.

Access Method 1:

Access Method 2:

In this case, the user will be pre-selected in the User filter.

Access Method 3:


Event date and time:

Audit History Report Redesigned

The redesigned Audit History reports feature exists within the Reports menu in Allegro Bank Admin. The new user interface provides the ability to request on-demand reports that can be exported in CSV, PDF, and XLS formats.

Cadence Team Impact: Anyone with Allegro Bank Admin entitlement who is interested in reviewing the Audit Log History.

New Audit History Report can be accessed from the following:

  1. Administration Home Page Dashboard > Reports > Audit History
  2. User Setup > Related Links
  3. Company Profile > Related Links

The new user interface allows for the below filters to be included as part of the resulting report. They are:

  • Event date - Report screen pre-fills the date filter with today's date.
  • Calendar Picker - the calendar date picker has been enhanced to support both date and time in this release.
  • User - this is a typeahead filter. You can search by user first name, last name, or user id. You can even search by both first name and last name (e.g. "John Doe").
  • Business - this is a typeahead filter by business name or business short name.
  • Quick search - this will find events that match an event code or event description.

  • Advanced Filters – see screenshot to left

  • The report is exportable in the following formats:
    • PDF, XLS, and CSV

Additional user interface features:

  1. Ability to sort by column headers
  2. Paginate in place
  3. View audit details in a side slide-out pane – see additional information below

View Audit Details - click on any event message in the report and a details side pane will open with details for that message. This includes:

  • The event code and message - note that you can copy the contents of the event message to your clipboard.

  • eventcodeimg

  • The user who logged the message as well as their business (if commercial).
  • The user and business have links to open the respective details screens.
  • The module and application the event was logged under.
  • A note if the event was simulated by an Allegro Bank admin.
  • Session details for the user that logged the message.
  • The IP address of the user's session
  • Information about the user's device or browser.

Positive Pay Items – Reports to Display Full Account Number vs Masked

Allegro Bank Admin users can now view full account numbers on the following CSV exports:

  • ACH Decisions report
  • ACH Positive Pay Pre-authorization screen

Application Usage Enhancement - Additional Mobile vs Browser Details

Application Usage Report enhancement show additional break-down on the Allegro users browser, operating system and device information. Group by filter has been added to show as follows:

  • Mobile vs. Desktop Browser - shows the breakdown by browser family
  • Browser and Version - shows the breakdown by browser family and major version.
    Note: to use this pivot you must also specify one or more browsers in the browser filter under advanced filters.
  • Operating System and Version - shows the breakdown by operating system family and major version.
    Note: to use this pivot you must also specify one or more operating systems in the operating systems filter under advanced filters.
  • Device Type - choose to see the breakout by desktop, phone and tablet

Task Manager
Task Auto Assignment and Auto-Create Setup of Company Profile or End User Single Sign-On (SSO) Credentials

Auto Assignment

Task Manager will automatically assign credential associated tasks related to client request to the Cadence implementor that initiated the request.

Impact: TM Client Support, Small Business Client Care

Addition of Add Note function in Secure Message Module

Allegro Bank Admin users can now add notes visible only within Cadence to a secure client message. These notes will not appear in the Allegro end user message thread nor receive notification emails when annotations are added. Only Allegro Bank Admin users will be able to see the notes.

This functionality can be used to provide details on particular issue resolutions, who provided the background information, or who it was escalated to and/or approved by.

Access the admin mail screen and steps below for annotation:
  1. Select the "Add Note" button
  2. In the note panel, add the note, (This is an internal only note)
  3. Select Save Note button

Comments will appear in the Allegro Bank Admin message thread under Related Messages with Note as the User Status.

Impact: TM Client Support, Small Business Client Care

Single Sign-On (SSO) for Upcoming Digital Payments Module

Completed the SSO connection for the upcoming Digital Payments module to be deployed in October 2020. This project is internally known within Cadence Bank as ACI Universal Online Banker (UOB).

The SSO integration consists of the following:
  1. Setup of a new UOB module called "Digital Payments".
  2. There are 2 new roles permissions under Digital Payments
    1. ACH
    2. Wire

Internal Facing

General Enhancements & Defect Remediation

Allegro Administration

User Setup Wizard Email and Mobile Validation Fixed

Email or mobile phone number are required for a business in the new create user setup wizard. When creating the new user if one of the required fields was not provided it will fail. This is fixed with validation to check the required fields are filled and show a required field message before moving to next step.

Audit History

  • Balance Reporting logging clean up - Updated logging in Balance reporting to clean up the excessive number of audit messages being logged in the Audit History. The event message 2628 "Balance Reporting preferences failed to load" will no longer be logged in cases where Balance Reporting preferences (Float and Hold) have not yet been set by a user.

  • User Setup Recent Activity - The audit list in the Allegro Bank Admin User Setup screen was failing to load audit history when you show "Done to User" as the audit option. This is fixed.

Calendar Date Picker

This has been enhanced to include time range for the following internal reports:

Calendar date picker was enhanced to support picking times with the start and end dates. This is an optional mode for reports such as audit where the user needs to specify time as well as the date.

Admin Task Manager

Due Date Fixed

The due date for a task in Task Manager could not be updated. The date would reset to 12/31/1969 when you tried to update it. This has been fixed.


  • Message Handler Service Improvements – now inspects browser user’s agent which provides details on incoming browser information which includes browser, operating system and device information when available. Data gathered is used for the Application Usage Report.
  • Feature Overlay Intros - Updates were made to the feature intros for the new Positive Pay, ACH Positive Pay, and Returns screens to make the overlay intros less error prone when the User Interface is changed in future.
  • Refactored email validation in system so that it uses the same rules used in the front end when users are entering emails.
  • Marketing ads loading speed optimized
  • Improved browser caching settings to increase security on the following legacy screens:
  • ACHPosPay/DecisionReview.aspx (legacy - exports)
  • PosPay/ViewReport.aspx (legacy - exports)
  • PosPay/Reports.aspx(legacy - exports)
  • PosPay/CheckImage.aspx (legacy - view decision item check)
  • PosPayAdmin/ARPItems.aspx (admin legacy screen - exports)
  • Returns/ViewReport.aspx (legacy - exports)
  • Returns/SummaryList.aspx (legacy - exports)
  • Returns/ItemImage.aspx (legacy - viewing check image)
  • Returns/ReturnReports.aspx (legacy - exports)
  • FileTransfers/FileDownload.aspx (legacy)

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