International Trade Services

Innovative Financing for Overseas Trade

Cadence Bank assists and guides your business with the most appropriate and efficient payment solutions used in international trade. Whether you are an exporter receiving funds from overseas buyers or an importer paying for goods and services, our team of international banking professionals improves your cash flow and manages risk so you can compete effectively in the global marketplace.

Cadence’s international financing products and services include:

Standby Letter of Credit — We work with you to secure a financial or performance obligation with the beneficiary by assuring payment in the event of default or non-performance.

Import Letter of Credit — Cadence Bank can issue letters of credit to foreign suppliers on your behalf. This assures payment to a foreign supplier if documents presented are in compliance with the letter of credit terms. Your supplier receives a level of transaction protection that may result in your ability to negotiate more favorable purchase prices.

Export Letter of Credit — Our experts can review with you letters of credit, answer concerns and questions, examine your export documents to ensure compliance with letter of credit terms, and present your documents to the issuing bank to expedite payment.

Documentary Collections — Working with you, Cadence is able to expedite processing of your import and export documentation with control of your shipping documents by receiving and/or presenting the documentation for payment.


Learn more by downloading our applications for:

Irrevocable Documentary Commercial Letter of Credit  

Standby Letter of Credit


Contact us to learn how our customized international trade solutions can help your business. If you have an existing business banking relationship with Cadence, contact your Business Banker.


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