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Technology Banking

Gain the technology financing you need with the help of our tech industry specialists.


Technology financing

The technology industry is constantly changing. We understand this fast-paced industry and your business’s need for unique, innovative financing solutions. Cadence Bank can connect you with customized technology financing that meets your goals and drives business growth.


Industry expertise and connections


Our team specializes in technology banking. Our experts know the industry and extensively study the latest trends, so we can provide relevant and timely insights. We’re relationship-focused and committed to bringing long-term value to your business. We also offer considerable connections within the technology industry.


Enterprising way of thinking


Tech companies are fundamentally enterprising, and so are we. We champion initiative, resourcefulness and innovation to spot opportunities and identify technology financing options for you. Whether you’re leading a software business or developing integrated technology solutions, we will find the right banking resources for your business.


Our technology finance solutions


Cadence Bank has a full range of financial solutions to meet the evolving needs of your business. Whether you need acquisition financing, a line of credit or payroll solutions, we can help.


Some of our technology banking solutions include:



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