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Business Loan Calculator

Are you considering taking out a business loan? There are times when it’s warranted — when access to additional working capital could help you expand your physical location, purchase new inventory or equipment, hire more employees and build your business credit. If you are at one of those crossroads, then this tool is for you.


Our business loan calculator helps you evaluate a new business loan. Use it to determine:


  • The largest monthly loan payment your business can afford
  • The interest rate that makes the loan viable
  • The total interest you will pay on the loan
  • The number of months required to pay it off


As you experiment with the variables, make sure to click on the “Amortization Table” tab. This business loan amortization schedule gives you a detailed, month-by-month schedule of payments, including interest and principal, through the final payoff date.


Talk to a Cadence Bank Business Loan Expert


Are you ready to take the next step? Connect with a Cadence Bank small business loan expert today. Together, we’ll review your goals and consider all your options — current rates, how much you need to borrow, repayment terms and your current obligations — to help you make the right choice for your business.


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