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Small Business Savings Accounts

Cash reserves allow your company to invest in the future, replace aging machinery or acquire a competitor. Cadence Bank offers several commercial savings options designed to help you make the most of your savings and fuel your business success.


What's the best business savings account for your needs? Cadence offers a variety of competitive commercial savings options designed to maximize your savings rate while maintaining liquidity.


Business Savings Account

This simple business savings account lets you start with a small balance and grow it over time. It’s an ideal way to keep funds separate from your company's operating checking account while still earning interest.

Business Money Market

A business money market account puts your money to work for you, earning more dynamic money market rates compared to a savings account. It keeps your funds within reach for the flexibility of meeting short-term requirements.

Business Investment Account

Combining convenience, security and liquidity, this premier money market account is tiered so the higher your balance, the more interest you earn.

Business Market Investment Savings Account

This premier commercial savings account combines the flexibility of a money market account with the dependability of a short-term CD. It lets you retain easy access to your money while earning guaranteed rates of return that are competitive with the market.


Let one of our experienced business bankers help you decide which Cadence Bank savings accounts are right for your company.


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