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6 Cybersecurity Questions Every Business Should Ask

Cyber attacks are a major threat to businesses. Here are some key cybersecurity questions CFOs and business owners should ask to assess their threat level.

Cybersecurity Questions Every Business Should Ask [Infographic]

The facts are startling. Cybersecurity attacks happen every 39 seconds - about 2,244 times a day, according to the University of Maryland. Plus, Accenture says the average malware attack costs a company $2.6 million.


It’s clear that hackers and cyber attacks are a threat to businesses of all sizes. Regardless of the type of data your company handles or the amount of data your company deals with, someone out there is trying to steal it.


Therefore, cybersecurity is an important consideration for everybody. You need to protect your business and the private information of your clients and customers. You also need to have a sound understanding of the threats your business faces.


Whether you have IT experts in your company or you outsource technology services, these professionals are there to help secure your vital systems and data. Are you certain they’re doing all that’s necessary to protect your business? Asking your IT department or your tech service provider the right cybersecurity questions can help you better assess your company’s cyber risks.


Cadence Bank has identified 6 security questions to ask so you can get a better handle on cybersecurity and proactively stop attacks.



Cybersecurity Questions Every Business Should Ask [Infographic]



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