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Business/Commercial Fraud Prevention

Learn how to protect your business from fraud and cyberattacks.

Business/Commercial Fraud Prevention

Lower the risk of your business becoming the target of fraud

Fraud, both internal and external, can have a dramatic impact on a business. It is vital that businesses today understand the various threats that jeopardize the safety and efficiency of their operations. By employing fraud prevention tools and techniques, you can safeguard your company against fraud and keep it running smoothly.


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Best Practices to Minimize Fraud Tip Sheet

Cadence Bank wants to assist you in safeguarding your business’s financial transactions and recommends that you consider these best practices.


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Protect Your Business from Business Email Compromise

Your employees remain constant targets for cyberattacks, especially via Business Email Compromise (BEC).


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Tips to Protect Your Business from Payment Fraud

As the volume of electronic transactions increases, so does the risk of fraudulent activity online. This includes payments fraud scams, whereby cyberthieves commit false or illegal transactions.


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Common Fraud Schemes

Your business could be compromised by threats both externally and internally. Know what types of fraud schemes to watch out for.


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Cyber Security Questions Every Business Should Ask

Cyber security can make or break a business. Get insight on protecting your business and the cyber security questions you should be asking.


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eBook: How to Minimize the Risks of Fraud

An eBook examining the risks of occupational and online fraud and the steps middle-market companies can take to reduce such risks.


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Protect Your Company From Ransomware

Ransomware attacks can have devastating effects for businesses. Learn how to protect your organization with our tip sheet, “5 Ways to Protect Your Company From Ransomware.”


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How Cadence Helps Your Business Prevent Fraud

Positive Pay

Our Positive Pay service allows you to monitor checks presented for payment against your account and reject unauthorized transactions before losses occur.


ACH Positive Pay

ACH Positive Pay can reduce the risk of fraudulent ACH transaction activity.


Receivables Lockbox

Minimize the time and money spent on processing payments in-house with Receivables Lockbox.



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